The Most Iconic Sports Competitions. Period.

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The sporting calendar is filled each year with can’t-miss events, unmissable for sports fans the world over.

While it’s impossible to catch them all, not to worry — we have compiled a list of what we deem the most important, you’d-be-crazy-to-miss, iconic events. What’s more, these are the ones that seem to transcend sports, drawing even the most casual fans.

The Most Iconic Sports Competitions

Horse Racing – The Grand National

When April rolls around, people from all over the world flood to Aintree to get in on the action of the Grand National, and those that couldn’t get their hand on tickets, 600 million others to be exact, find themselves in the bookies, pubs or the front room in hopes of not missing a minute of the excitement.

The event is adored for so many reasons, but besides it making an amazing day out, betting is one of the biggest and leads to millions being generated each day of the event and lucky for racegoers, there are more than enough UK bookmaker offers to satisfy very betting desire they may have.

Of course The Kentucky Derby is a worthy rival — no need to tell us. We know!

Football – The FIFA World Cup

When it comes to sports, no matter where you may be in the world, football is king. It has been the most popular sport for as long as many can possibly remember, making its events unmissable and leaving it on our list of the most iconic sports competitions.

The FIFA World Cup may not be the greatest display of football talent, but it is the most-watched sporting event in the world. With its viewership numbers reaching around 3.5 billion people — a total of around half the world’s population tuning in to watch the action unfold — it’s undeniable that The Beautiful Game delivers.

Tennis – Wimbledon

For over 100 years, Wimbledon has been one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world, made even more popular by the magnificent tennis culture that comes alongside it each and every year.

The event has housed some of the best and most famous tennis players throughout the world. Off the court, it’s filled with pomp and pageantry with many famous celebs and royal faces having been spotted throughout the years. Traditions are also a big part of the event — besides the tennis, guests come to enjoy a glass of champagne along with some strawberries and cream while they watch the games on the historic grass court.

American Football – The Super Bowl

Fairly new to the world of sports in comparison to the others on the list, the Super Bowl is quickly becoming one of the most-watched and most anticipated sporting events in the world. The NFL championship is held every February with millions of fans going crazy with festivities. Thousands flood into the stadium to watch the action unfold first hand of course, but the real money is made on television and through the most amazing halftime shows and commercials featuring some of the most famous musicians and actors in the world.

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