Most Emotional Mike Doc Emerick Calls of All Time Series Part 1


When Mike “Doc” Emerick announced his retirement on Monday, I felt shocked and sad at the same time. You think about how throughout 50 years, he made watching hockey on TV fun. You remember watching your favourite team on NBC or NBC Sports and listening to Doc commentate throughout the game. His traditional witty marks and words like “Drive” stay in your mind forever. So, what better way to remember his career is by looking over the most memorable call of all time. In a first of a four-part article series involving these calls. However, there will be limitations, as not every team had a game on NBC networks that featured Doc.

Anaheim Ducks VS Ottawa Senators “It’s lost by Phillips and into the net.”

What makes this call interesting is that an Anaheim Duck player did not score this goal. With the Ducks needing one more game to clinch the Stanley Cup Final, they would need all the help they can get. Thankfully, Ottawa Senator Chris Phillips was happy to help the Ducks out. After moving the puck behind the net, Phillips accidentally lost the puck, which got put into the net behind Ray Emery. Doc, who was probably shocked as the rest of the audience watching at home when he said, “It’s lost by Phillips and into the net! My goodness!”

Boston Bruins vs Philadelphia Flyers “SAVARD!!!”

Despite Marc Savard and his injury trouble, he always has this to remember. What makes this call awesome was that Savard got injured two months before this game. He had been injured in an incident with Matt Cooke. When he returned in the playoffs for Round 2 against the Philadelphia Flyers, he surprised everyone in overtime. When Denis Wideman pushed to Savard before being covered, he took a slap-shot that beat Brian Boucher to give the game one win. Doc emotionally screamed “SAVARD!!!” as Savard jumped into the glass-like Alexander Ovechkin.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Edmonton Oilers – “Given Back to Williams, SCOOOOOORRREEEEEE!!!!!

You know how emotional Doc gets when a series, especially the Stanley Cup Final, goes to 7 games. So, when the 2006 Stanley Cup Final between the Hurricanes and Oilers went to Game 7, you know emotion will be a factor. With the Hurricanes leading 2-1 with just under a minute to go, Justin Williams sealed the Hurricanes cup with an empty-net goal. Doc is screaming the words “Given Back Across to Williams, SCOOOOOOOORRRE!!!!” as well as the crowd at the RBC Center that night was emotional. You also see the emotion of Williams and Eric Staal jump into each other’s arms as they celebrated. Carolina won the cup, and it’s still the only cup in franchise history.

Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston Bruins – “BOLLAND”

I feel whenever Doc is involved with the Chicago Blackhawks, something crazy always happens. The Blackhawks 2nd Stanley Cup, however, was no exception. In-game 6 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals seemed the series was about to go to 7 games. With a 2-1 lead for the Bruins, Stu Bickell tied the game with just 1:17 left. It was then Dave Bolland‘s turn to be clutch. Seventeen seconds later, Bolland put a Johnny Oduya shot that hit the post to put the Blackhawks up 3-2. TD Garden looked shocked as Bolland, and his team celebrated. When Doc is yelling, “BOLLAND 3-2 WITH LESS THAN A MINUTE TO GO!” will always be memorable in the eyes of Blackhawks fans.

Dallas Stars Doc Call: “PERRY! JAM AWAY! THEY SCORE!!!!

What’s shocking is this would be Doc’s last call in OT in his career. What’s also surprising is that no one predicted the Stars to be Stanley Cup Finals in 2020. Fighting to stay alive in game 5, the Dallas Stars needed to beat the Lightning in overtime, which they have played well this season. In comes Corey Perry, who scores on a scramble in 2OT to force game 6. Keep in mind Perry is 34 now and still playing in the NHL. What’s great about this call, as well as many others, is Doc’s iconic voice cracking. With the scramble’s excitement of finding the puck and the goal that comes after, seeing Doc crack his voice makes you know how memorable a call is.

This article concludes part 1 of this beautiful series. Join me for part 2 as we look at the Red Wings, Kings, Wild, Canadiens, and the Devils.

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