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3 Forgotten Canucks

Now before we dive into three forgotten Canucks let us get something straight. Not all three of these Canucks have been forgotten by everyone. These are just some players many fans do not talk about much anymore. None of these players will be former stars, sorry if you were expecting big-name players. These three forgotten former Canucks were just role players, respectably.

Shane O’Brien

Shane O’Brien was not with the Canucks for a long time, but you could say he was there for a good time. O’Brien was quired by the Canucks in a trade with the Anaheim Ducks in October 2008. He would spend the rest of the season with the Canucks and resign a one-year deal in the offseason before the 2010-11 season. He would be traded at the start of that season.

While the Canucks O’Brien was never known as a skilled player, a matter of fact throughout his career he was never known as a skilled player. O’Brien was a gritty agitator and fans loved it. Throughout his two seasons in Vancouver, he played 141 games netting two goals, 16 points, and 275 penalty minutes.

O’Brien was no stranger to discipline. In January 2009, he got into a post-game altercation with Sharks forward Joe Pavelski. The altercation started nine days earlier when Pavelski spread Canucks forward Daniel Sedin. O’Brien would receive a $2,500 fine for this incident.

In December 2009, O’Brian would find himself in more hot water. The gritty defenceman was exchanging words with fellow agitator Sean Avery of the New York Rangers. As things escalated O’Brien reached his stick over to the Rangers bench and poked Avery’s face. Thus, resulting in a one-game suspension.

Although O’Brien was not in Vancouver for long, he did leave many memories there. Whether on or off the ice. He would fight hard and party harder.

Forgotten Canucks
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Anson Carter

Fans may have forgotten about Anson Carter, rightfully so he only spent one season in Vancouver before departing for Columbus. That one season though was nothing short of exciting. In the offseason prior to the 2005-06 season, the Canucks signed Carter to a one-year contract. He would immediately step in to the second line playing alongside the Sedin twins.

During the 2005-06 season, Carter would 81 games. Through 81 games he totaled 55 points. Among those 55 points were 33 goals, setting his career-high”. The Canucks seemed to have something special with their top six, they had the “West Coast Express running the first line and the dubbed “Brothers Line” on the second.

Unfortunately, this was short-lived as after Carter’s contract expired, he signed a one-year deal in Columbus and faded away. Thus, leaving Canucks fans wondering what could have been.

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Sami Salo

Sami Salo spent nine seasons in Vancouver playing 566 games. Although Salo may not be forgotten in Vancouver. He is not talked about. Game in and game out Salo would put his body on the line blocking shots with everything, including his man parts.

Throughout his nine seasons in Vancouver Salo was known for two things. His inability to stay healthy and his booming slapshot from the point. In nine seasons Salo failed to play in 82 games all nine seasons, he also only eclipsed 70 twice. Salo was a consistent participant in the Canucks hardest competitions. Winning the Canucks hardest shot multiple times and clocking in at 102.7 miles per hour. Resulting in him being a focal point of the Canucks powerplay through the years.

Salo would depart to Tampa Bay in July 2012 at the ripe age of 38 years old. Since his departure, he has all but been forgotten in Vancouver.

Three Forgotten Canucks

O’Brien, Carter, and Salo all played different roles with the Canucks for different amounts of time, but they all had good stints for the Canucks. They may have branched off on different paths during their respective careers but fans should not forget these three forgotten Canucks.

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