2020 Cubs Gold Glove Nominees

The Cubs Gold Glove nominees came out strong in 2020, although 2020 did not go the way the Cubs had hoped. They went from an exceptionally strong start to a disappointing finish. Their bats seemed to disappear like summer. Although the season was not great for the North Siders there was one bright spot. The Cubs’ defense was excellent. The Cubs led all of baseball with seven Gold Glove nominees.

Pitchers and Catchers

Between pitchers and catchers, the Cubs had three Gold Glove Nominees. It should come as no surprise that Cubs catcher Willson Contreras was an NL nominee. Contreras is a walking highlight reel behind the plate and had a .994 fielding percentage behind the plate.

For pitchers, the Cubs have two of the three nominees in Kyle Hendricks and Alec Mills both of which made no errors. While their competition, Max Fried, made one error giving the Cubs a good chance to see a Gold Glove pitcher on the mound in Chicago.  


The Cubs infield saw three more Gold Glove nominees. Once again first baseman Anthony Rizzo was a nominee with a fielding percentage of .998. Rizzo himself is a three-time winner of the Gold Glove. Alongside Rizzo rookie second baseman Nico Hoerner was nominated. Hoerner played 37 games at second base finishing with a .977 fielding percentage.

The third and final infield finalist for the Cubs was shortstop Javier Baez playing 56 games at shortstop while having a fielding percentage of .968. Baez is regarded as having one of the best gloves in baseball. Yet he has not won a Gold Glove to date. Now he is a nominee and 2020 could be the year he finally wins one.

Cubs Gold glove nominees
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The Cubs had one lone Gold Glove nominee in the outfield. To no one’s surprise, that nominee would be right fielder Jason Heyward. What are the Gold Glove nominations if they do not involve Heyward right? Year in and year out Heyward finds himself in the conversation rightfully so. He has won five throughout his career and in 2020 he could very well add a sixth. He played 50 games in rightfield and finished the season with a 1.000 fielding percentage.

Recap of Cubs Gold Glove Nominees

The Cubs had seven Gold Glove nominees. Two pitchers Kyle Hendricks and Alec Mills. Four infielders Wilson Contreras, Anthony Rizzo, Nico Hoerner, and Javier Baez. Just a single outfielder being Jason Heyward.


Of all seven, it seems as though one of the pitchers will take home hardware. Jason Heyward also has great odds to take home his sixth with his 1.000 fielding percentage. Javier Baez has a huge chance at bringing home a Gold Glove as he trailed only Fernado Tatis Jr. in outs above average metrics, (Tatis was not nominated).

If history gets its way, Anthony Rizzo could bring home one as well, and he and Paul Goldschmidt have been the only winners in the NL over the past five seasons. While Goldschmidt is a nominee, Rizzo still has a shot.

Final Thoughts

Despite the lack of offense, the Cubs produced in 2020. Their defense was spectacular and the Cubs Gold Glove nominees show that. If the Cubs can maintain their defense and find some hot bats in 2021, exciting things are about to come.

Congratulations to all the Cubs Gold Glove nominees. You have made Cubs’ fans proud.

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