Should the Seattle Mariners Move On From Scott Servais As Manager in 2021?


Should the Seattle Mariners move on from Scott Servais as Manager? This past season, the Seattle Mariners overachieved as a team to a record of 27 wins and 33 losses.  Many people in the media expected the team of new young players to be one of the worst teams with a bad record this season.  Scott Servais is the current manager of the Seattle Mariners.  He has a record of 348 wins and 360 losses. This is twelve games below .500 as a manager.  He has two winning seasons in his five seasons as Mariners manager. 

Many fans and media criticized his moves often when the Mariners were contending for a playoff spot in 2016 and 2018.  His weakness as a manager is the management of the bullpen and the challenges on plays. He often pulls out a starter in a crucial part of a ballgame for the bullpen, and it frequently backfires on him. Will the Seattle Mariners change managers this offseason? Here’s the pro and cons of the move:

Scott Servais did Good Job as Manager in 2020

Scott Servais might have had his best year as a manager with a young team this season. There are pros. Servais gained a lot of experience being a manager with a lot of veterans when he got the job in 2016, and he had superstars in Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz on the team.

The expectations right away were that he would win with the team he inherited, and he did give us a solid three years, despite 2017 being a tough year with injuries.  After the winning season in 2018, General Manager Jerry Dipoto decided to rebuild the club by tearing down an aging contending team.  There were rumors from the media in Seattle and around the Major League baseball, that Scott Servais didn’t like the idea of entering the rebuilding phase as a manager.  2019 season was viewed as a rebuilding, as the Mariners fell to 68 wins and 94 losses, placing last in the AL West. 

Often he appeared frustrated after games on the post-game interviews.   The 2020 season was a solid season, despite having more young players on the team, yet he was able to get the team to perform better than expected, with a record of 27-33, placing third in the AL West. 

But Did Scott Servais Do Enough to Keep His Job?

If Scott Servais parts ways with the Mariners or they decide to fire him, it signifies that the rebuilding phase is almost finished. Jerry Dipoto is entering the third year of his five-year rebuilding plan as the General Manager.  Servais hasn’t been terrible, but he hasn’t been stellar either.

Conclusion About Scott Servais’s Time as Manager in Seattle

Scott Servais was the best manager of Seattle Mariners since the days of Lou Piniella. It’s time for the players and fans to have a manager that can lead the Mariners to a bright future.

The six ideal managerial candidates for interviews would be AJ Hinch, Manny Acta, Sandy Alomar Jr, Bob Geren, Joey Cora, and Alex Cora.  It will be interesting to see How Jerry Dipoto, the front office and the ownership decide the fate of Scott Servais.  It’s time to finish the rebuilding process and move on to the contending phase.  Fans of the Seattle Mariners should be excited about the future of the club in years ahead with a new manager.  It’s time to move on from Scott Servais, partway with him, or reassign him to the front office; it’s time for a new voice in the clubhouse and dugout.

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