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Christian Lee: “[Iuri] Hasn"t Faced Real Opposition Yet"

“I think Iuri is gonna be very confident coming into this match. I feel that because of the fact that he’s undefeated, he’s finished every one of his opponents, he hasn’t faced real opposition yet. So I think he’s gonna bring the fight right towards me. We’re gonna meet in the middle and we’re gonna have an early clash. He’s definitely gonna try to strike with me first, and I feel that he thinks he has the advantage everywhere. So you know, once we meet in the first early exchanges, he’s gonna find out real quick.”

On October 30th, we will witness the most stacked card of the promotion’s history with four world title fights. In one of the co-main events, Christian “The Warrior” Lee will defend his belt against undefeated challenger, Iuri Lapicus.

Ahead of the match, ONE Championship held a virtual media day. Overtime Heroics had the chance to ask Christian Lee a few questions. Watch the full ONE Championship: Inside the Matrix media day session with Christian Lee.

Christian Lee Overtime Heroics Interview

What do you think will Iuri’s approach be in your fight, will he grapple or strike?

In 2019 you fought 3 times but of course due to the pandemic it has been just over a year since your last fight, do you feel that the inactivity will effect you going into this fight?

“No, I don’t think the inactivity is gonna affect me in any negative way. I feel that the time off has been great to allow me to rest for my body and my mind to recover from such a hard 2019. And I feel better than ever. Really the time off has allowed me to just train to build my body and mind up stronger than ever. I feel like the best version of myself.”

Your sister has signed with ONE Championship. what do you think about all the lee’s one the same card in the future? How does it feel competing on the same card as your family?

“Oh man, all the Lee siblings in one One championship card. We’d have to get a bigger stadium. That would definitely be a very amazing experience. We’ll see if the timing lines up for that”

“My little sister has signed, and my little brother he’s growing he’s coming up. We’ll see if he chooses to make this his career as well but you know it’s very possible that you could see 4 Lee siblings fighting in one card.”

In a match with heavy stakes, Christian Lee looks to make a statement and prove himself that he can reign as champion for long. Tune in this October 30th and watch the fight! Christian Lee

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