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Orlando bubble canceled? No problem, as Fort Meyers MTE is set.

Monday was a rough day of news for college basketball fans across the country. If any of you did not hear the news, the Orlando bubble that was going to be the host of a handful of different early-season events was going to be canceled. It did not take long for some good news to come out of this. In the last couple of days, it was reported that Fort Meyers was going to be the destination of an MTE. Gonzaga, Kansas, and Auburn were three teams that quickly chomped at the bit of attending.

Fort Meyers gets one more

That was only three of the four teams that were going to be covered. Today reports came out from Jon Rothstein that St Joe’s would be the final squad to fill the field. Here is the format as it looks now:

  • 11/25- Gonzaga vs Kansas, Auburn vs St Joe’s
  • 11/27- Gonzaga vs Auburn, Kansas vs St Joe’s

Reaction of the news

When I first heard the news that St Joe’s was going to be up against some of the country’s top talents, it was kind of surprising. Looking at these different teams, this is the difference in the record from last year:

  • Gonzaga- 31-2 (15-1)
  • Kansas- 26-10 (12-6)
  • Auburn- 30-10 (11-7)
  • St Joe’s- 14-19 (6-12)

We have seen crazier things happen in college basketball. But I am just surprised that another high major team did not want to get a good early test against potentially two top ten preseason teams.

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