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George Springer and the Cubs Are Absolutely A Match

Rumor has it, George Springer will not be resigning with the Astros this offseason. If these rumors pull through the Chicago Cubs just make sense for both sides. Why? Let us dive into this.

Why It Makes Sense for the Cubs

First off, the big reason the Cubs need to sign Springer is no secret; the Cubs have been in search of a quality lead-off hitter since the departure of Dexter Fowler. There is no better leadoff hitter on the market than Springer.

The Cubs really struggled at the plate this past season. Ian Happ and Jason Heyward were exceptions, with both being the only players to bat over .250. Both of whom occupy the outfield, but at the bottom of the bat sits left fielder Kyle Schwarber who batted .188.

Now adding Springer to the mix would cause a log jam in the Cubs outfield. That could be a blessing in disguise for Chicago as it would open the door for the Cubs to either move on from slugging outfielder Schwarber, or let Heyward walk at the end of his contract. Springer adds a career .270 average and constantly hits in the mid to high .200s. The Cubs need consistency and Springer brings consistency.

Why It Makes Sense for George Springer

Now, many will not consider the Cubs a favorite in the George Springer sweepstakes, or even in the race for that matter. Although Chicago should be on Springer’s radar. They bring many things to the table that could entice the three-time All-Star.

Like many teams who will make a run at Springer, the Cubs give him the option to be the full-time leadoff hitter. Springer is one of the league’s perennial leadoff hitters and would not fit with the Cubs elsewhere. Which is great for both sides.

Regardless of what people think the Cubs still have a strong core. Headlined by Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, and Anthony Rizzo. Adding George Springer to the mix gives the Cubs a significant boost in hopes of a major bounce-back season. The Cubs can still be major players in the league and Springer can be the guy that helps push the Cubs over the hump.

George Springer needs to redeem his name. Being part of the Astros sign-stealing scandal may be a dark cloud hovering over his career. The Cubs themselves know all about dark clouds, 108 years of dark clouds, as a matter of fact. If Springer comes to the north side both sides can work to mend their dark clouds together.

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Money Talks

The underlining detail in the Springer sweepstakes will be money. George Springer already has a ring and will want to chase another. But he is 31, turning 32 during the back end of next season, making now his time to cash in.

The last contract George Springer signed with the Astros was a two-year $24 million deal in 2018. Since then he has made one All-Star game, but that could have been two if this year’s summer classic did not get canceled. He saw a slight increase in batting average and on-base percentage. He could also find himself with a second consecutive Silver Slugger award, all setting him up for a pay raise.

The only things that do not match up here are Tom Ricketts’ wallet and George Springer’s price tag. It is a well-known fact around baseball the Cubs tend to not spend wads of cash on quality talent such as Springer. Although it is believed the Cubs will let pitcher Jon Lester walk this season-opening up around $15 million in salary. Lester’s 2021 option is worth $25M, but Big-Jon has a $10M buyout.

Final Thoughts

If the Cubs are not prepared to rebuild, George Spring is the perfect guy to headline a retool. If his asking price is not over the moon, the Cubs need to jump on him. He brings a lot to the table including a leadoff presence and consistency at the plate. Adding to the fact Cubs fans need to celebrate Springer dingers in 2021.

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