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JB’s Week Eight (un)-Biased NFL Power Rankings

It’s that time of the week! Thursday Night Football has crept upon us once again, making it the perfect time for our NFL Power Rankings!

As always, while I truly am trying to be as subjective as possible during the writing of this article, I do acknowledge that it is impossible to not be biased towards your favorite NFL team, and against your rivals. With the explanation for the headline out of the way, let’s get in to what you came to see!

1 | Kansas City Chiefs | 6-1 | last week (1)

The Chiefs won a game convincingly, in the snow, where Patrick Mahomes was barely needed. That just goes to show the kind of defense that Andy Reid has built in KC.

2 | Baltimore Ravens | 5-1 | last week (2)

Baltimore needed those last two “get-right” games, as they headed into their bye week. They have had two weeks to prepare for the number three team on this list, one that keeps moving up each week.

3 | Pittsburgh Steelers | 6-0 | last week (3)

With a convincing win over the previously unbeaten Titans, The Steelers showed the rest of the NFL that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Another win this week could see them at number one in next week’s rankings.

4 | Tampa Bay Buccaneers | 5-2 | last week (4)

The Bucs’ are in the top six in the league in offensive and defensive DVOA. No other team is in the top ten in both. The only reason they are fourth is that all of the head coaches above them have Super Bowl rings. Bruce Arians has his only ring as a coordinator, something he is looking poised to change.

5 | Green Bay Packers | 5-1 | last week (5)

The Packers followed up an embarrassing loss to the Bucs’ with an outstanding performance last week against the hapless Texans. Davante Adams is going to be a problem for the league during the course of this stretch run.

6 | Seattle Seahawks | 5-1 | last week (6)

Russell Wilson finally showed a few flaws in his game last week, tossing three interceptions in a thrilling loss to Arizona. Maybe he was due for a few picks…or maybe he just wants us to all think he’s human.

7 | Tennessee Titans | 5-1 | last week (7)

Mike Vrabel and Ryan Tannehill have been outstanding at their jobs this season. Too bad they can’t play in the secondary. That part of the Titans defense needs to be addressed before this team can become elite.

8 | San Fransisco 49ers | 4-3 | last week (9)

The 49ers are proving that they are one of the best-coached teams in the league. However, will Kyle Shanahan once again be able to scheme his way around his quarterback’s weaknesses all the way to a Super Bowl? I have my doubts.

9 | Buffalo Bills | 5-2 | last week (8)

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs were made for each other. but when they fail to connect for huge games, what is this offense’s identity? They have not figured that out the last two weeks, and that may be at the worst time. New England comes to town this week in a game the Bills need to win to right the ship.

10 | Los Angeles Rams | 5-2 | last week (10)

The Rams came back off of a loss to San Fransisco in which they were physically dominated, and went and did the same thing to the Bears. Chicago could not match the physicality at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Can the team keep up that kind of juice every week?

11 | Arizona Cardinals | 4-2 | last week (12)

Arizona, along with the aforementioned Rams and Bucs, is one of only three teams to be in the top-eleven of both offensive and defensive DVOA.

12 | Indianapolis Colts | 4-2 | last week (11)

The Colts could be so much higher considering I love the young, fast defense that they are building. I l also love their offensive line, running backs, and head coach. What I do not love is the quarterback, sorry Philip Rivers.

NFL Power Rankings

13 | New Orleans Saints | 4-2 | last week (13)

New Orleans has won a few games without Michael Thomas, among others. The meat of their schedule remains, however, providing ample time to see what this team is all about.

14 | Cleveland Browns | 5-2 | last week (14)

The Browns are going to have to figure out a way to win games without their best receiver, maybe they should look to the Saints for some pointers.

15 | Chicago Bears | 5-2 | last week (16)

“They are who we thought they were” is a famous quote from Dennis Green about the 2006 Bears. It applies again.

16 | Las Vegas Raiders | 3-3 | last week (17)

Las Vegas followed up an impressive win over KC with a post-bye flop against Tampa. It is that kind of volatility that keeps teams out of the playoffs.

17 | New England Patriots | 2-4 | last week (15)

This is the worst Patriots start in over twenty years, and that is saying something considering Matt Cassel ran the offense for one of those years.

18 | Carolina Panthers | 3-4 | last week (19)

The Panthers have undergone more changes than practically every team in the past few years. Big props to Matt Rhule for having this team ready to compete and win games, even without Christian McCaffrey. A win tonight would go a long way towards their slim playoff hopes.

19 | Detroit Lions | 3-3 | last week (22)

The Lions could easily be 5-1, and the difference between them and the Bears is virtually nonexistent. Coaching is probably holding both teams back, though.

20 | Minnesota Vikings | 1-5 | last week (18)

The Vikings didn’t lose last week…the problem is they didn’t play either. All jokes aside, this team needs to prove it is better than their record or risk being the most depreciated team of modern memory.

21 | Miami Dolphins | 3-4 | last week (20)

Ryan Fitzpatrick will cede way for Tua Tagovailoa this week, a move that will carry on throughout the year. That will not mean a whole lot more winning in Miami, however. This team is still a year away from competing for division titles and playoff wins.

22 | Los Angeles Chargers | 2-4 | last week (23)

The Chargers are going to be looking for a new coach in the off-season and should have suitors beating down their doors to have a shot at grooming the young Justin Herbert.

23 | Philadelphia Eagles | 2-4-1 | last week (25)

This might go down as the worst division winner in league history. Despite doing virtually everything they can to be a bad football team all while being decimated by injuries, they are still in the first place.

24 | Dallas Cowboys | 2-5 | last week (21)

This team is going down the drain in a hurry. The defense is laughably bad, and the offense isn’t much better. They have even become a team to target in fantasy football on both sides of the ball…yikes.

25 | Houston Texans | 1-6 | Last week (24)

This is another team that will be looking for a coach. The Texans, despite having a great young quarterback themselves, aren’t likely to have as many suitors. This is due to the lack of cap flexibility and draft picks from the failed Bill O’Brien era.

26 | Atlanta Falcons | 1-6 | last week (26)

Ouch. Atlanta cannot get out of its own way. Even when they don’t even want to score, they still somehow find a way to lose a football game. Their fans deserve more, especially after the Super Bowl collapse.

27 | Washington Football Team | 2-5 | last week (29)

Head coach Ron Rivera had this team ready and hungry last week. The problem is that they were playing possibly the team in the league with the least momentum. Still a good win and a great defensive performance.

28 | Denver Broncos | 2-4 | last week (27)

Drew Lock is probably going to be the backup to a rookie or Sam Darnold next year. This team is going to be set up to succeed, but Lock does not seem like the guy to steer that ship.

NFL Power Rankings

29 | Jacksonville Jaguars | 1-6 | last week (28)

The Jaguars have predictably fallen back to earth after a week one win against the Colts. They have also fallen back into the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.

30 | Cincinnati Bengals | 1-5-1 | last week (30)

If the Bengals can spend the off-season upgrading the defense, as well as it upgraded the offense last off-season, 2021 will be a great year in Cincinnati. Joe Burrow seems like the real deal.

31| New York Giants | 1-6 | last week (31)

The Giants made a coaching change in the off-season, but not enough changes to the roster to make me believe in them this season. They do have the benefit of playing in possibly the worst division in football. That is still unlikely to take them above the .500 mark even once all year.

32 | New York Jets | 0-7 | last week (32)

Same blurb the last six weeks, not changing it until they change coaches. The Adam Gase experiment has been an epic failure, and Joe Douglas might be going down with him.

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