When Mike “Doc” Emerick announced his retirement on Monday, I felt shocked and sad at the same time. You think about how throughout 50 years, he made watching hockey on TV fun. You remember watching your favourite team on NBC or NBC Sports and listening to Doc commentate throughout the game. His traditional witty marks and words like “Drive” stay in your mind forever. So, what better way to remember his career is by looking over the most memorable call of all time. It is now the second part of a four-part article series involving these calls. However, there will be limitations, as not every team had a game on NBC networks that featured Doc.

Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks: “HELM!!!!!”

This goal is perhaps the biggest in Darren Helm‘s career, along with a beautiful call to go with it. In the 2009 Western Conference Finals, Detroit needed one more game to go to their second straight SCF. It came down to OT in Game 5. Four minutes into that OT, Darren  Helm found the puck that got behind Cristobal Huet after a deflection. With the net open, Helm buried the puck, winning the game for the Red Wings. As Joe Louis Arena was having its roof blown off, Mike screamed, “HELM!!!” at the top of his lungs.

Los Angeles Kings vs. New York Rangers- “THE STANLEY CUP MARTINEZ!!!!!!!!!!!”

As a kid, every hockey fan has that dream of scoring the game-winning goal in the Stanley Cup Final. Alec Martinez would become the LA Kings hero as his goal would give them their 2nd Cup. When Game 5 of the 2014 Stanley Cup Final went to 2OT, Martinez would do what few did in the Cup Final. On a three on 2, Martinez grabbed the rebound of a shot made by Kyle Clifford. Martinez then buried it in the open net, winning the Cup for the Kings. The emotion of the fans roared throughout the Staples Center. Just listening to Mike saying, ” THE STANLEY CUP MARTINEZ!!!!” along with Martinez celebrating with his teammates gives me goosebumps.

Minnesota Wild vs. Chicago Blackhawks- “ZUCKER!!”

Despite the Wild’s short playoff run in 2013, this is still a great moment during that time. When Game 3 went to overtime at home, the Wild needed a goal in hopes of not getting swept. Just under 3 minutes into overtime,  Jason Zucker scored the winning goal after Johnny Oduya lost the puck on a turnover. With Mike yelling “ZUCKER!!!, along with another classic voice crack, this is a call that is very underrated. While this would be the only win by the Wild during that series, it was still an excellent call by Doc.


This series was a classic between two teams looking to break their Cup Final drought. The Canadiens needed Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals in hopes of trying to win this series. When the game went into OT, it took almost 2 minutes for the Canadiens to win thanks to Alex Galchenyuk. After a Tomas Plekanec shot seemed to roll past Henrik Lundqvist, Galchenyuk buried the puck to win the game for the Canadiens. It’s interesting to watch Mike getting excited about this call, despite being a Canadian team. It’s a rare feat since the US teams keep winning the Cup.

New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers- HENRIQUE IT’S OVER!! (My Favorite Mike Call of All Time)

It is widely one of the greatest calls and the most memorable call in NHL history for Mike Doc Emerick. During the 2012 Eastern Conference finals, the Devils needed one more game to go to the Stanley Cup Finals. It was also against the Rangers, so revenge was on the line for New Jersey in this scenario. When Game 6 of that series went to overtime, no one would’ve thought that Adam Henrique would become a hero. During the overtime period, The Devils got a net mouth scramble in front of Henrik  Lundqvist. Thanks to Ilya Kovalchuk, he poked the puck to Adam  Henrique for him to put it by Lundqvist to win the series. Just listening to the Prudential Center crowd, along with Doc saying “HENRIQUE IT”S OVER!!!, will remain in my mind forever. Along with seeing Henrique celebrating his teammates, this memory will always stay with me throughout my life. I want to thank Mike Doc Emerick for commentating on that game and giving me a wonderful memory.

This article concludes part 2 of this beautiful series. Join me for part 3 as we look at the Islanders, Rangers, Flyers, Penguins, and the Sharks.

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