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Myles Garrett: AFC Defensive Player of the Month

Cleveland Browns superstar edge rusher Myles Garrett is the defensive player of the month. Based on what we have all witnessed, was there any doubt? Garrett has been on a tear to start the year. The tweet below says it all.

Myles Garrett‘s season so far

Garrett is now at nine sacks overall and has four forced fumbles. Both of these numbers currently lead the NFL. Most players would love to have a season this good, and we haven’t even hit the halfway point. The Browns will hit that point Sunday at home against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Could Garrett hit double-digit sacks before the bye? Well, it all depends if he plays. Per defensive coordinator Joe Woods, he is hoping Garrett will be good to go Sunday but is waiting for more information. No matter how good Baker Mayfield was, the Browns lose to the Bengals Sunday without Garrett’s play.

The defense is bad, but they would not even be as good as they are without Garrett. His ability to get to the quarterback has led to most of the big plays made this season. They don’t lead the league in turnovers without him. If Garrett continues to play at this level some other hardware will be on its way. Can you say defensive player of the year?

Madden 21 is taking notice

Garrett has jumped up the Madden 21 ratings per the Browns website. Shouldn’t a talent like his be 99? Maybe another big game or two gets him into the 99 club.

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