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Dynamic Duos: Can You Create the Best 1-2 Laker Punch?

Dynamic Duo: Shaq and Kobe
Photo by Brett Dawson, Bill Oram and Kamenetzkys 

Dynamic Duo Domination

LeBron James teamed up with Shaquille O’Neal? Kobe Bryant teamed up with Magic Johnson? Jerry West with Anthony Davis? What duo would go on to win the most championships with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Starting 5

Let’s keep the starting 5 simple. We will use this year’s Laker team minus the teams already formed duo: LeBron and Anthony Davis (unless you’re including one of them).

Disclaimer: You can mold and form bench players as starters to fit your starting lineup. For example, if you think Jerry West and Kobe would be the best duo, you can bring Dwight Howard off the bench to start at the center spot.

My Dynamic Duo

I’ve always been a Shaq fanatic. He’s the most dominant player of all time in my opinion. When the Big Diesel was on, nobody was stopping him. That’s why I’m choosing Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal as my dynamic duo:

Photo by Daily Express

Magic Johnson, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Danny Green, Kyle Kuzma, and Shaquille O’Neal.

In Shaq’s best year with LA, he averaged 29.7 points, 13.6 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Imagine the type of numbers he would put up with Magic passing to him. Magic was a true point guard in all aspects of his game. He was a great defensive player with the ability to find the open man with ease. He can also score when need be. With Magic facilitating the offense and Shaq destroying anybody in his way (especially in a league lacking “big” centers), I don’t see this team losing many games while winning championships for years to come.

Surrounding Magic with players like KCP, Green, and Kuzma gives him the opportunity to find the open man and leaves the other three with the sole role of being spot up shooters. They don’t have to play huge with Shaq in the paint, and they don’t have to worry about facilitating with Magic running the point.

With Magic’s leadership style, I think the dynamic duo would work well together. One thing that ate at Shaq and Kobe was the fact that Shaq didn’t like being “bossed around” by Kobe. Shaq always wanted to be the one-man show and it seemed that he didn’t like the idea of Kobe being better than him. I don’t think this will be much of a problem with Magic facilitating. Magic is not a score-first player. The offense would be able to run through the post like O’Neal always wanted to happen.

Even on defense, this duo would be fun to watch. Shaq having averaged 3 blocks per game in his best year and Magic averaging 3.4 steals in his best. I don’t think there is any duo in the current NBA that comes close to this dynamic duo.

Other Possibilities

There were a few duos that I toyed with but didn’t choose. My second pick would be Kobe and Shaq. Yes, I know this isn’t a hypothetical duo, but it’s the next best choice. A prime Lakers Kobe with a prime Lakers Shaq? The first time around they won three. Imagine Kobe from ’06 with Shaq.

Another duo I thought would be interesting would be LeBron and Shaq, however, I don’t think the duo would work incredibly well together. LeBron tends to like stretch fours at his center position; players who can move to the perimeter and that can shoot the long ball, like Chris Bosh, Kevin Love, and Anthony Davis. Not that this duo would be bad, I’m just not sure how well the chemistry and floor spacing would work.

What duo would you like to see in action within Laker Land? Let us know @pzer0music, @OTHLAL, and Overtime Heroics.

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