The Broncos have another AFC West matchup on the first of November. The Broncos and Chargers come into this matchup with the same record, 2-4. The game is scheduled at 2:05 Mountain time on CBS.

Mile High Matchup

This is a game that each team has a chance to win. With Drew Lock and the Broncos struggling in the passing game, this will be a good test for the offense. With a struggling they need to show that they can get their offense on track and beat teams that they are supposed to beat.

Three Factors for a Broncos Win

1. Be Productive Through the Air


The passing game for Denver has been horrible. Drew Lock has to try to look at the shorter routes, then move up to the longer routes. It is better to have a 4 yard gain on first down, then failing on a 20 yard gain. Then you have second and 6 rather than second and long. The running game has been good, but if you can’t throw the ball, then defenses are going to key in on the run. Also, if you find yourself down down in a game, it is hard to come back if you can’t throw the ball. Expect the Broncos to try to pass early and try to give Lock some momentum. I predict that he will have a better game and that Denver will look a lot better on offense.

2. Keep Up the Strong Defense

The defense had a very good game against the Chiefs. Even though they lost 43-16, they held Mahomes in check a couple of times in the red zone. If the offense shows up on Sunday and looks better, this game should be one sided. The defense has to stay strong though, if the offense figures it out and looks good they can’t have the defense crumble. With some injures I give a lot of props to Fangio and how he has a decent defense that plays well every week.

3. Play all 4 Quarters

The Chargers are huge on playing amazing in the first half then losing it in the second. The biggest one that I remember was against the Saints. It was a one sided game in the whole first half for the Chargers, then at halftime the momentum changed. The Denver Broncos have to play hard for all four quarters. If it looks bad at halftime, know that the Chargers have a hard time finishing games. If they can keep on the gas and push for the whole game, then they should be able to finish LA off.

Denver has a chance to get their third win of the season. They have to get their passing game on track, keep up some good defense, and also play hard the whole game. If they can do these things I feel like Denver has a good chance of beating the Chargers.

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