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Versus: Battle of the World Series Aces

Versus kersh, Verlander, Sale, Scherz

The Overtime Heroics series entitled Versus has now gone into Overtime Heroic’s baseball podcast: Cheap Seats Chatter. Every Friday, host Cole Raines will be joined by others to rank the players of the group in question. For the first episode, it was a battle between Chris Sale, Clayton Kershaw, Justin Verlander, and Max Scherzer.

Cole Raines, Mathias Altman-Kurosaki, and Alex Clark are on the first Versus episode of Cheap Seats Chatter and you can listen anywhere you find podcasts!

In this episode, the gang breaks down each of the aces stats and careers and argue for who they find to be number one. It was pretty clear who claimed first and second, but the argument for who was first and who was the third-best becomes the bulk of the discussion (almost sounds like an Abbott and Costello thing, doesn’t it?).

Versus: Part 2

After the rankings, they discuss other names that could be in the argument with the four aces mentioned throughout the show. The names that come up in this part of the episode are very interesting. One of which is notorious for his postseason play and the other never made it.

Be sure to listen to the first edition of Cheap Seats Chatter Versus!

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