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Deontay Wilder: Melt Down After Fury Loss

After nearly nine months of silence following his February TKO loss to Tyson Fury, former WBC Heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder had a meltdown following the Fury loss and really exploded with the craziness. If you recall, the last time we heard from Wilder he was blaming his defeat to the Irishman on a pre-existing injury and, more famously, on a ring walk suit of armor that was too heavy and tired his legs.

Late last week, “The Bronze Bomber" posted a two-minute Twitter video where he quoted Bible verses, explained the conspiracy that brought him down, and swore vengeance–  over a background of ominous, spooky organ music.

“I saw in the first fight when Ricky Hatton was pulling down your gloves to put your hand in the improper position. Y"all tried the same method the second time, but this time, you scratched flesh out of my ears which caused my ears to bleed. It"s impossible for a brand new 10-ounce glove to bend, to keep a smushed-in form or to have loose space. I highly believe you put something hard in your glove.

“Something the size and the shape of an egg weight. It"s the reason why the side of my face swelled up in an egg weight form and it left a dent in my face as well. But in the midst of it all, you still couldn"t keep this king down. You would have had to kill me. In the end, it took a crab in the bucket referee and a disloyal trainer to throw the towel in just to stop me."

The Alabama native would then close out the video with a verse that may or may not be a direct quote from Proverbs:

“Excuses may be found from a thief who steals because he"s starving. But if he is caught, he will have to pay back seven times what he stole, even if he has to sell everything in his house. And payback is coming."

Not too long after, he would go into further detail during an interview with YouTube channel 78SPORTSTV.

“I just start feeling weird," Wilder said about the time between dressing room warm-ups and the ring entrance. “My water was spiked as if I took a muscle relaxer or something like that.

“…the atmosphere [before the fight] just didn"t seem right. It felt like something was about to go down, and not in my favor…It wasn"t just the [ring walk] suit, my water was tampered with…It was like I had no control over my body, my legs was weak and stuff like that."

“I believe he [co-trainer Mark Breland, who Wilder recently fired] was part of it. He was part of it. And, even more so, I think he"s got something to do with my water as well too. He was the only one handling my water. He was the only one. I have strong sources.

“…[Also] The referee [Kenny Bayless] coming in the dressing room, I could feel his negative energy. His eyes looked like he took a cocktail drink before going into the fight. His energy felt like, ‘I"m gonna do something to you black man, but I"ve gotta do it. I"m a crab in the bucket."

“He was leaning on me, he elbowed me as well. Elbowed me in my face as well too.

“…Either this mother***er was drunk or he was part of it."

It"s hard to imagine any of this getting Deontay Wilder in the right frame of mind for a Fury rematch. It"s also hard to imagine this stuff making it easier to get that rematch. Fury and his team have already moved on, after reportedly trying in vain to get Deontay Wilder to set a concrete date for the return bout, and are scheduled to face an opponent to be named on December 5th in the UK.

In the meantime, while the banter goes on about a third bout between the heavyweights, this Deontay Wilder meltdown is most definitely not a pretty sight.

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