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Turnovers Loom Large in Giants Loss to Buccaneers

This week does not have individual players who necessarily played well, but rather an entire unit. The Giants’ defense as a whole deserves credit this week. This was a tough matchup for the squad and as usual, they kept the Giants in this game.

The Good

The Buccaneers offense had scored nearly 32 points, 371 yards total and almost 106 yards rushing per game this season. Those are incredible numbers. The only team that has been better than the Buccaneers on offense this season is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jabrill Peppers defends a pass intended for Mike Evans

The Giants defense kept the Buccaneers in check this week. The Buccaneers scored 25 points, had 344 total yards, and only gave up 81 rushing yards. While big blue did not shut the Buccaneers down completely, they made it possible for them to upset the Buccaneers.

One of the usual suspects, Blake Martinez, also did what he does best. Martinez finished with six total tackles, three solo and three assisted as well as a forced fumble. Jabrill Peppers also earned a shoutout this week. Peppers led the team with nine tackles, eight of which were solo. Martinez and Peppers are two of the anchors for the defense and this week they showed why they are.

Blake Martinez and Jabrill Peppers tackle Rob Gronkowski together

The Ugly

Just like last week, we do not have bad, we have just horribly ugly things. For many weeks, I along with some other Giants fans have tried to defend Daniel Jones. This week, that is not possible. The mistakes, this loss, everything has to fall squarely on his shoulders.

Daniel Jones under pressure

This was a horrific turn of events for the Giants and Jones. Jones had yet another multi turnover game. This week Jones did not fumble but instead threw for two horrible interceptions. Both interceptions had one huge thing in common, Jones making a terrible decision. The first interception was a pass intended for Sterling Shepard that was picked off by Carlton Davis.

Jones was under pressure. Instead of just taking the sack or even taking the intentional grounding penalty, Jones forced a throw. Jones got hit as he threw and the poor decision lead to an interception. This would lead to the Buccaneers getting a field goal and closing the gap in the score to 14-9.

Just a few drives later, Jones would make yet another costly mistake. Jones was under pressure again, and for the second time instead of taking the sack or the grounding penalty, Jones throws the ball. Yet another forced throw and Jones had another interception.

Daniel Jones throws another interception

This time Sean Murphy-Bunting would get the pick on a pass intended for Golden Tate. Jones made another horrible play and forced the ball down the field only to be picked off. This interception would lead to a Buccaneers touchdown and would give them a 22-17 lead.

The Verdict

Daniel Jones let the Giants down and inevitably cost them the game this week. His poor decisions are the reason for the Giants’ loss this week. In weeks prior he could fall back on the fact that he did not get good protection from his line. This week he can not do that.

His line played well and this week is all on Jones. If he wants to be the guy in New York, he needs to improve his decision-making, fast. These boneheaded choices are not acceptable. If Jones does not fix these mistakes, the Giants will not be able to win and he will lose his job.

Giants game recap

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