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Sparta Wyoming 4: Geno Shvedov vs Noufel El Kasri

Geno Shvedov vs Noufel El Kasri

Sparta Sports & Entertainment has an amazing card lined up for fans on November 7th! In addition to the historic Lethwei title fight, Sparta also has an MMA title fight featuring the challenger Geno Shvedov vs the champion Noufel El Kasri. This fight will be taking place at 145 pounds. Let’s take a quick look at each fighter!

Geno Shvedov

Geno Shvedov is an MMA fighter originally from Moscow, Russia but now fighting out of Englewood, Colorado. Nicknamed the “Russian Concussion”, Geno trains at Factory X in Englewood and got some extra work in with teammates Jordan Titoni, Lightweight King of Sparta Jacobi Jones, Clay Matza, and Rafa Weil.

Geno has had a long, tough journey getting to where he is now. After struggling with addiction, Geno landed himself in prison. He would train in his cell in hopes of one day becoming an MMA champion. Now, Geno gets that chance when he steps into the Sparta cage on November 7th.

“Thanks to the grace of God I was able to overcome my addiction and have since been obsessed with realizing my dream of becoming an MMA champion. I give all glory and credit for all my growth to God and when I win this belt, I want it to be a testimony to people that if you have a dream and work hard and trust in God, that anything is possible. If someone like me can do it, anyone can!”

Geno has only been training for about three years now. He has a record of 4-1, and last fought in December of 2019 against Luis Franco. This was his second fight in a row against Luis, and just like his first fight against him, Geno won by way of his heavy fists. Geno’s only loss to date was against Evan Arredondo back in August of 2019.

This fight wouldn’t be possible for Geno without the help of Jamie Atlas, MyFitFoods, Hazelbrook Sober Living, and ParadigmONE Sober Community!

Geno Shvedov’s Official Prediction: “I predict the fight will be a dominant performance. We will finish him in the first or second round and we will be holding the 145lb MMA Title in our hands.”

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Noufel El Kasri

Noufel El Kasri is an MMA fighter originally from Morocco, but now fighting out of Denver, Colorado. Noufel goes by the nickname “THE GORILLA” and trains with some of the best in the world. He spends time training at Elevation Fight Team, as well as at High Altitude Martial Arts.

“I would like to give shoutouts to head coach and mentor Christian Allen, Professor Cody Donovan, and my strength conditioning coach Aaron Porter, he’s like a brother to me.”

Noufel spends a lot of time training, and his undefeated record reflects that. “THE GORILLA” is 4-0, including three impressive finishes in his last three fights. His last fight was against Devon Butler back in January of 2019, in which he won by submission in the second round and walked away with the 145-pound belt that he will be defending.

Noufel has had some help on his MMA journey. Jeda Hair Studio in Aurora, Colorado, and GNC in Stapleton, Colorado have been vital to his career so far.

Noufel El Kasri’s Official Prediction: “I think that Geno is gonna come out, throw a couple overhands, and try to take me down and grapple me. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to strike with me. My takedown defense is on point. My footwork is on point. So that’s going to be hard for him. I’m gonna shut down his takedowns, pick the pace a little bit, hit him with some good shit, and finish him. Inshallah.”

Enter fighter code NOUFEL in the coupon code box when ordering the PPV to give Noufel El Kasri commission on your PPV buy!

How To Watch Sparta Wyoming 4

Sparta Wyoming 4 Event Poster. Geno Shvedov vs Noufel El Kasri

Sparta Wyoming 4 will be held at The Outlaw Saloon in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This event will be available to watch in person and on PPV! Tickets and the PPV are on sale now at Sparta Sports & Entertainment’s website. Be sure to follow Sparta Sports & Entertainment on social media for more Sparta Wyoming 4 announcements!

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