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Sparta Wyoming 4: Steven Lontine vs Devlyn Dragonfly

Steven Lontine vs Devlyn Dragonfly Fight Poster

Steven Lontine vs Devlyn Dragonfly

Sparta Sports & Entertainment has an amazing card lined up for fans on November 7th! In addition to the historic Lethwei title fight, Sparta also has an Ammy kickboxing fight featuring Steven Lontine vs Devlyn Dragonfly. This fight will be taking place at 130 pounds. Let’s take a quick look at each fighter!

Steven Lontine

Steven Lontine is a mixed martial artist originally from Brighton, Colorado with 10 fights on his record, but he will be making his kickboxing debut on November 7th. Now located in the Denver metro area, Steven trains at A Family Affair Boxing in Westminster, Colorado with coaches Fidel Martinez, Fidel Martinez Jr., Rudy “Pops” Martinez, and Jared Padilla. In addition to that, the AFA gym is combined with Low Summit Jiu Jitsu, so Steven benefits from the coaching of Ryon Luscombe as well.

Steven grew up wrestling and began training in boxing and MMA around two and a half years ago. His last fight for Sparta took place in August and was a boxing match, which he won by unanimous decision. He has been training hard for his kickboxing debut with the help of HKS Utility Services and looks forward to putting on a show when he steps into the Sparta cage.

“Every fight I’m in, we put on a show. I plan to go out there and do the same thing, have fun and put on a show!”

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Devlyn Dragonfly

Devlyn Dragonfly is a mixed martial artist from Lakewood, Colorado. Devlyn trains at Peak Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu in Lakewood with Professor Michael Frison, Coach Nick Mota, and Coach James Weinberg, along with teammates Shane “Apollyon” Lall, Aaron “Savage” Lopez, Amanda Komoczi, and Matt Doyle.

Devlyn has been training to compete for about four years and has earned a 7-4 record in sanctioned bouts. He last fought at the Revgear Class A National Championship Tournament but unfortunately did not walk away with the win. Coming off of a loss, Devlyn will be extra motivated to earn a win when he steps into the Sparta cage on November 7th.

“I have a prediction about the fight and am highly confident in my skills, but once you’re in the ring, everyone’s got a puncher’s chance.”

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How To Watch Sparta Wyoming 4

Sparta Wyoming 4 Event Poster.

Sparta Wyoming 4 will be held at The Outlaw Saloon in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This event will be available to watch in person and on PPV! Tickets and the PPV are on sale now at Sparta Sports & Entertainment’s website. Be sure to follow Sparta Sports & Entertainment on social media for more Sparta Wyoming 4 announcements!

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