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Denver’s Amazing 31-30 Comeback Victory Against Chargers

Many people thought that the game on Sunday was over with the Chargers up on Denver 24-3 with 7:33 left in the third quarter. Denver’s offense was struggling too much to get back in the game, let alone have a chance to win it. That was until the offense came to life, and Drew Lock showed his potential.

Denver’s Offense Coming Alive

In the first half, the offense was struggling. Justin Simmons had an interception that he returned into Chargers’ territory. The offense could not do anything with the good field position and had to take the three points. Those were the only points they had going into halftime. The third quarter was about the same where Denver only scored seven more, which totaled ten for the game.

One of the main players to come alive in the second half is Phillip Lindsay. After his 55-yard touchdown run, the offense caught on fire. That opened up the passing game as well. The impressive part is how Denver scored 21 points in the fourth quarter to win the game. It was nice to see the passing game coming to life, and hopefully, they can keep this going for next week.

Time Mangement

For the first time, it seems like Vic Fangio managed the clock well. He took his timeouts when needed, and he also didn’t leave any time for Los Angeles to drive down and try for a game-winning field goal. Some problems with that drive were when Denver was down near the end zone in the fourth quarter. They should have tried to take a shot for the win a couple more times. They took one shot with seconds left on the clock, and they missed. They were lucky that LA had a pass interference in the end zone that moved them to the one. They again tried for the end zone, and that is how they won the game. It was stressful, but overall, much better for Fangio.

Denver Dominate Defense

Denver, without Von Miller, has been looking terrific. They forced two turnovers and kept the Chargers out of the end zone when needed. The other impressive thing is how Denver didn’t have their defensive coordinator for that game because of Covid. Vic Fangio is a defense genius, and it is nice to see that even with injuries to Miller and Jurrell Casey, they are not missing a beat. If the offense can score more than 21 points a game, that will give the Broncos an excellent chance of victory.

Heading to Atlanta

Denver is heading to Atlanta next to face the Falcons. It is nice to end the game with momentum so they can hopefully have a fast start against the Falcons. The best thing about the Falcons is they have a hard time finishing games as well. If Denver does get down they still have a chance to come back late like they did against LA.

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