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Quarterback Power Rankings: Week 8 Edition

With a tumultuous off-season, many teams hinge their playoff hopes on their quarterback. With 32 starting quarterbacks, it is only natural to make a quarterback power rankings to track players throughout the season. Some will rise. Some will fall. 

Here is the ninth edition of the quarterback power rankings. 

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No. 32: Whomever Dallas Starts, Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: Not Included)

Dallas has yet to make an official decision between Garrett Gilbert and Cooper Rush.

No. 31: Jake Luton, Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week: Not Included)

Luton is likely to make his NFL debut on Sunday.

No. 30: Kyle Allen, Washington Football Team (+1)

Allen and the Football Team were on their bye.

No. 29: Daniel Jones, New York Giants (-4)

Jones makes some of the worst decisions that any quarterback will make.

At the same time, he makes some jaw-dropping plays.

He is strange.

No. 28: Sam Darnold, New York Jets (+1)

Darnold and the Jets were routed by the Chiefs.

No. 27: Drew Lock, Denver Broncos (+3)

Lock showed poise down the stretch, leading the Broncos to a clutch victory on the final play of the game. 

Lock’s long-term viability is still in question, however.

No. 26: Nick Foles, Chicago Bears (+2)

It feels as if the Bears might perform better if their defense played on the offensive side of the ball.

No. 25: Nick Mullens, San Francisco 49ers (Last Week: Not Included)

With Jimmy Garoppolo sidelined, Mullens will return as the starter.

No. 24: Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins (+0)

Tagovailoa’s first NFL start was not the cleanest brand of football, but he did make some good throws.

No. 23: Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns (-1)

In the crappy Cleveland weather, Mayfield was not the reason that the Browns lost.

No. 22: Cam Newton, New England Patriots (+5)

Newton had a chance to propel the Patriots into the playoff hunt, but he fumbled late in the game. 

No. 21: Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (-1)

Even the most die-hard Wentz fans are beginning to waver.

No. 20: Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams (-3)

Jared Goff played as if his name was Jared Goof.

No. 19: Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (-9)

Jackson dropped the ball on Sunday.

Then, he dropped it again.

Quarterback Power Rankings
BALTIMORE, MD – NOVEMBER 01: Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) fumbles the ball in the second quarter during the Pittsburgh Steelers game versus the Baltimore Ravens on November 1, 2020 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, MD. (Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Finally, he dropped it for the third time.

No. 18: Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings (+5)

Cousins only had 14 pass attempts against the Packers, but at least he did not throw an interception.

No. 17: Philip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts (+4)

Rivers is playing well at the moment. He is not losing games for Indianapolis.

No. 16: Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (-3)

Allen’s aura of September has disappeared.

No. 15: Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers (-1)

He had a trademarked ugly interception, but Herbert played well for the most part.

No. 14: Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals (+2)

Murray and the Cardinals were on their bye.

No. 13: Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers (-4)

Roethlisberger was not particularly great against the Ravens. He avoided turnovers, but he only led two genuine scoring drives.

No. 12: Teddy Bridgewater, Carolina Panthers (-1)

Despite a good matchup, Bridgewater and the Panthers failed to capitalize. Bridgewater provides a solid floor, but he restricts the ceiling in Charlotte.

No. 11: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons (+8)

Ryan had a strong performance against the Panthers. While Carolina does not have a fear-inducing defense, Ryan performed better than the middling quarterbacks that had been above him in the quarterback power rankings.

No. 10: Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans (-4)

A generally porous Bengal defense somewhat neutralized Tannehill and the Titans. They should bounce back, but it was a bad loss.

No. 9: Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (+6)

Stafford was quite good (besides a pick-six), but the rest of the Lions failed to show up. Kenny Golladay getting hurt also diminished the perceived performance.

No. 8: Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders (-1)

Similar to Mayfield, the weather influenced quarterback play so much that no conclusions can be pinned on Carr.

No. 7: Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals: (+5)

Burrow is the real deal. He maneuvers the pocket as if he is a 10-year veteran, and the gaudy stats (and more wins) will come. 

No. 6: Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints (+2)

Brees was not without fault, but he was able to dissect the Bears’ defense just enough to snatch a victory.

No. 5: Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans (+0)

Watson and the Texans were on their bye.

No. 4: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers (+0)

In true Green Bay fashion, they failed to bring in another wide receiver for Rodgers to utilize. Rodgers is great, but the supporting cast suppresses any production he could have.

No. 3: Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2)

Brady cannot seem to play a competent game of football against the Giants. Tampa Bay seemed to be a shade off as a team.

No. 2: Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs (+1)

Mahomes is back, folks. He tortured the Jets for 400 passing yards, five touchdowns, and a 26-point win. His 21-to-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio is inflated from touch pass touchdowns and dropped interceptions, but Mahomes will obliterate the league in the coming weeks.

No. 1: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks (+1)

Wilson regains his spot at the top of the quarterback power rankings. He torched San Francisco’s secondary. His 26 touchdowns through seven games have him in position to threaten Peyton Manning’s record of 55 touchdowns in 2013. He has the surrounding weapons (and a bad enough defense) for him to have a genuine shot at 50, 55, or even 60 passing touchdowns this season.

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of the quarterback power rankings.

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