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Sparta Wyoming 4: History Awaits

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The Whooping in Wyoming

Sparta Sports & Entertainment has an absolutely stellar card in store for fans live on PPV on November 7th in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Sparta Wyoming 4 will see the long-awaited rematch between Dave Leduc and Cyrus Washington happen under traditional Lethwei rules on American soil. This will be the first Lethwei title fight in the 2000+ year history of the sport to take place in the United States. And let me tell you, these two gladiators are ready to put it all on the line for this fight!

“For him to beat me, he’s got to kill me. You know? And he’s not prepared to kill me. He can’t kill me. You know? If two bullets can’t do it, he can’t do it.”

– Cyrus Washington

These were the words spoken by Cyrus Washington just days before his upcoming fight with Dave Leduc. It is clear that Cyrus is willing to take whatever punishment comes his way as long as the fight ends in his favor. However, standing in his way is an incredibly focused Dave Leduc.

“We did a press conference yesterday and he said ‘If I want to beat him, I have to kill him, and I’m not ready to kill him.’ Well, I’m going to try. And he said two bullets couldn’t kill him because he got shot. And I told him that my elbows are worse than the bullets that he got. I just need to land one. May the best man win. I’m ready.”

– Dave Leduc

As you can see, Dave is ready to go out there and put Cyrus into the ground if he needs to. This is more than just a fight for Dave. This fight is for his legacy. This fight will determine who the greatest non-Burmese Lethwei fighter in the world is. And you better believe Dave has his eyes set on making sure it is his hands being raised after the dust settles.

“I’ve been very pissed off. Very critical and very pissed off. Honestly, I’ve been sour about this. I’ve been telling my coach ever since – I wanna go fight right now but – I’ve been saying, okay, if there is some way that the promoter is going to give him another shot at the title. And I want him again, he wants it. Because he’s studied me, thinks he knows how to beat me. Perfect. I take a lot of pride in adapting fight after fight. I don’t need 110 fights to fuck him up.”

– Dave Leduc

Dave was very upset with himself after not being able to finish Cyrus in their first fight. He is determined to make up for that in this fight. Fans should expect an absolute bloody war to go down when these two warriors step into the Sparta cage. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that? This Lethwei title fight will be going down inside a CAGE! No ropes, no escape. Just pure carnage.

The Sparta Sports & Entertainment Cage.

Both of these combatants are ready to put it all on the line at Sparta Wyoming 4 for a chance at cementing their names forever in the annals of combat sports history. Did I mention some legendary names will be watching this event? Robin Black will be offering his brilliant commentating in person at the event. Joe Rogan, Cung Le, Frank Shamrock, Mark Coleman, and many, many more will be watching. Will YOU be watching history being made?

Check out the Sparta Wyoming 4 Preshow!

How To Watch Sparta Wyoming 4

Sparta Wyoming 4 Event Poster.

Sparta Wyoming 4 will be held at The Outlaw Saloon in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This event will be available to watch in person and on PPV! Tickets and the PPV are on sale now at Sparta Sports & Entertainment’s website and at Be sure to follow Sparta Sports & Entertainment on social media for more Sparta Wyoming 4 announcements!

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