Giancarlo Stanton Needs to Soar Moving Forward

Giancarlo Stanton of the Yankees reacts as he hits a solo home run in the ninth inning on Opening Day against the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre on March 29, 2018 in Toronto. Credit: Getty Images / Tom Szczerbowski/Newsday

Giancarlo Stanton decided on Sunday that he would not opt-out of his contract with the New York Yankees. Stanton is instead going to keep his $218 million-dollar contract and play the remaining seven years. While it’s great that Stanton will continue to play for the Yankees, there are still many problems and issues. Issues that don’t involve Stanton’s contract, but just involving Stanton’s remaining seven years of at-bats in a Yankees uniform.

What could Stanton do to fix his issues with batting? Here are two things that Stanton needs to have moving forward with his remaining time with the Yankees.

Giancarlo Stanton needs Consistency Throughout the Entire Year

After Giancarlo Stanton’s fantastic postseason performance last year, it makes us want to see him play like that every season. Granted, he was injured for most of last season, but we’ll focus on that later.

If Giancarlo Stanton wants to prove he can be the player the Yankees signed up for, he has to prove he can be consistent every year. They don’t want him to have a 59-homerun season as he did in 2017. They want him to have a nice margin of home runs as well as other RBIs.

The most significant part of his inconsistency is his constant strikeouts. Granted, he didn’t have nearly as strikeouts in 2018 with only 27 this season. You could argue that’s an improvement in a 162-game season, but still, having less than 100 strikeouts per season would be a vast improvement moving forward. Having him hit for base hits instead of home runs all the time would be a win. The Yankees need more batters in the lineup who can plate runs in ways other than just via the long-ball.

Not Having Another Injury Riddled Seasons

When it comes to injured Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton always seems to be the guy who gets hurt. It all began with Stanton’s second season (2019) when he suffered several injuries, including a bicep strain, calf issues, and a strained PCL. He missed 72 games that season and suffered because of it.

This season, Giancarlo Stanton suffered a strained hamstring, causing him to be sidelined for three to four weeks, missing 43 games. It’s clear that Stanton needs to have at least one other healthy year in the next seven seasons. I’ve noticed some numbers showing how powerful he can play when he isn’t injured. In his time with the Mami Marlins and his first season with the Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton had robust numbers.

In his 2017 season, he played 159 games, hit 59 home runs, and earned himself the MVP. In his following season, he played in 158 games and smacked 38 home runs. The closer he plays 160 games, the better the stats are. If Giancarlo Stanton continues his years here injury-free, the Yanks are hoping to see more numbers like these.


It’s evident at this point that this contract cannot go to waste. You cannot have a team like the Yankees make this deal and have Giancarlo Stanton produce mediocre seasons. Stanton has to find a way to step up, or he is entering Jacoby Ellsbury territory. There is still a ton of time for him to adjust himself, so there may be no reason to panic.

We all want to see him play as he did in his Marlin days and destroy the ball. It would be amazing to have a season like that again. But it’s going to take a lot of effort to do that. Stanton needs to show the Yankees he’s worth the contract. The Yanks hope he can become a contributor to their 28th World Series in these next seven years.

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