Browns Chubb, Phillips, and Teller Back at Practice

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The Browns have taken Nick Chubb off injured reserve.

He is back at practice along with a few others after the bye.

The Browns getting Wyatt Teller and Nick Chubb back on the offense should kick the run game back into high gear again. After both went down, the running game dropped from an astounding 205 yards per contest to just 95.5. Even with stiffer competition faced over the last four games, that’s a big drop for a team built to pound the football.

Can Jacob Phillips help the D?

The LSU rookie has been on and off the injured list all year dealing with a knee injury. The Browns will hope Phillips can stay healthy and bolster the linebacking core and defense. Will a rookie be able to be the savior? Unlikely, but anything will help right now.

Practice Squad Move

Markway (6-4, 247) was a 2019 undrafted free agent signing by the Giants and was on their practice squad last season, before being waived. He joined the Pittsburgh Steelers briefly at the end of training camp this season, but was waived at final roster cuts. Markway attended college at South Carolina where he amassed 37 career receptions for 459 yards with three touchdowns over 39 games.

Currently, the Browns have filled 15 of their 16 practice squad openings.

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