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Dave Leduc Cements His Legacy as King of Lethwei!

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Dave Leduc Makes History

Sparta Sports & Entertainment put on a fantastic show last night in Cheyenne, Wyoming at The Outlaw Saloon. With the long-awaited rematch between the “King of Lethwei” Dave Leduc and Cyrus Washington for the Openweight Lethwei World Title serving as the main event, combat sports fans were in for a great night. Dave Leduc was able to make combat sports history when he fought in the first-ever Lethwei title fight in the United States. And he certainly did not disappoint fans with his performance.

On November 7th, Dave proved that it’s not just a nickname. He really is the King of Lethwei. Dave absolutely dominated Cyrus from the moment the bell rang. In doing so, Dave cemented his legacy as the best non-Burmese Lethwei fighter to grace the planet earth. Let’s take a look at the action.

Dave Leduc Starts Off Strong

Cageside video courtesy of Jeff Swartz.

Dave kicked the fight off with heavy use of his legs. From the moment the opening bell rang, Dave began pressing forward. He controlled the pace and action, analyzing Cyrus and finding his openings. Dave connected with several combinations that seemed to overwhelm Cyrus at times.

Cageside video courtesy of Jeff Swartz.

Early in the second round, Cyrus took a huge shot that dropped him and ultimately proved to be the difference-maker in the fight. Dave Leduc hit Cyrus with a perfectly placed overhand right to the left eye and Cyrus went down to his hands and knees, barely able to open his eye. Cyrus was able to get back to his feet, but there was clearly something wrong with his left eye.

Cageside video courtesy of Jeff Swartz.

Cyrus was not the same after that. His balance seemed off at times and you could tell his eyesight was not where it should be. Dave took advantage of that, and it was all him from that moment on. He continued to inflict damage at will, dropping Cyrus multiple times with an array of strikes.

Cageside video courtesy of Jeff Swartz.

The Beginning of the End

Dave Leduc dominated all but five seconds of the third round, finding great success from the clinch throughout the round. Cyrus was able to land a well-timed leg kick that got Dave to the ground late in the round but Dave quickly popped back up and the round was over seconds later.

Dave came out in the fourth round determined to end it. Landing shot after shot, Dave kept inflicting damage until a cut opened up on the head of Cyrus. He didn’t stop there either. He kept picking his shots, overwhelming Cyrus with his superior striking capabilities until there was no doubt who had won this fight.

Cageside video courtesy of Jeff Swartz.

It’s All Over

2 minutes and 40 seconds into the fourth round, the fight was over. After taking a lot of damage, Cyrus appeared to go to call a timeout, which is allowed under traditional rules. However, the ref called an end to the fight as Cyrus was calling for the timeout, and it was all over.

Moments later, Dave Leduc was raising his hands in victory as Kody “Big Mo” Mommaerts announced the end result and Wyoming commissioner Bryan Pedersen placed the gold around his waist. Your winner by TKO, and the new Sparta World Lethwei Champion, the King of Lethwei, Dave Leduc!

Cageside video courtesy of Jeff Swartz.

Missed the Live PPV?

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