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3 Trades the Houston Rockets can Make for Westbrook

Houston Rockets news has been trickling out all day on several different topics. From James Harden and Russell Westbrook not happy with the coaching hire to both wanting out. The latest breaking news is that Westbrook is requesting a trade out of Houston.

With the offseason being shortened and the season starting back in a month, trades will start to come in fast and furious. Here are three trades that would give Westbrook what he wants and improve the Houston Rockets at the same time.

Houston Rockets trade Russell Westbrook for Myles Turner and Victor Oladipo

In this trade, the Rockets would get a young center who has improved every year and can help spread the floor. Myles Turner is also a top-five shot blocker and great in pick and roll.

Even though Victor Oladipo is coming off a major injury, he almost two years removed from the injury. Oladipo is a good shooter, great defender, and can run the offense. He would be a perfect complement to Harden.

Houston Rockets trade Russell Westbrook for Aaron Gordon and Terrence Ross

With the emergence of Johnathan Isaac and the continued great play of Nikola Vucevic, the Magic have made it clear that Gordon is not in their plans. Gordon is only 25 and still improving. He would be a great fit next to Harden with his athleticism, especially on pick and roll lob plays.

By getting Terrence Ross in the trade you bring in a possible Eric Gordon replacement if you decide to move on from the veteran guard. Ross is instant offense off the bench a true catch and shoot guard who can give you 20 on any given night.

Houston Rockets trade Russell Westbrook for Jrue Holiday, JJ Redick and Jaxson Hayes

The Pelicans have been rumored to have interest in trading away Jrue Holiday. Holiday would give the Houston Rockets a lockdown shooting guard and allowing Harden to move back to the point guard position.

JJ Redick even though he is at the latter stages of his career can still provide great leadership and scoring off the bench as he has proved over the years. Last year Redick shot .453 from downtown which is the second-best mark of his career.

Jaxson Hayes gives you a young center who is still developing his game but has shown flashes of above-average defense and athleticism.


Whatever happens in the next month and 11 days before the season starts one thing is for sure. The Houston Rockets will not be the same team that left the bubble after their 4-2 defeat at the hand of the Lakers

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