Kim Ng: The First Female GM in MLB

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On Friday, November 13, 2020, the Miami Marlins hired a new general manager, Kim Ng. The Marlins made a name for themselves in 2020 making it into the postseason for the first time since 2003. They are known for breaking gender barriers and hiring the first female GM in MLB. Yes, Derek Jeter managed to find a way to make history again. Kim Ng made MLB history becoming the first female GM and made an enormous step for women in baseball everywhere. 

Where it Began For Kim Ng

Kim Ng began her career in MLB in 1991, when she started her internship with the Chicago White Sox. Her internship later turned into a permanent position in Chicago. She spent about six years with the White Sox. She later became a special projects analyst and assistant director of baseball operations for the team. From the get-go it looked like Kim would be in MLB for the long haul. She later began a new chapter with the New York Yankees.

New York Is Only the Beginning For Kim Ng

She started her next chapter in New York in 1998 by becoming an assistant general manager. Her time with the Yankees did not go in vain, winning three World Series championships from 1998-2000. She had three World Series rings and was a part of New York’s most memorable moments. She later departed in 2001 joining another popular team in Los Angeles, California. Yes, she became a part of the Dodgers organization for the next eight years.

New York to LA for Kim Ng

Starting in 2002 Kim began her work with the Los Angeles Dodgers as the Vice President and assistant GM. She worked with the Dodgers until the year 2011. Although she was not able to win another World Series ring with LA, though she stayed for eight years. She moved toward the MLB commissioner’s office from 2011-2020 as Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations, which made her a perfect candidate for the Marlins in GM.

Making History

Now one of her most important roles is becoming the General Manager of the Miami Marlins. Derek Jeter, CEO states that her leadership in their baseball operations team will play a major in this team’s success. Jeter has managed to mold the Marlins at his pace and it would only be fitting for him to make history with the hiring of Kim Ng. She has over 30 years of experience with MLB, and she is more than qualified to take Miami to a whole new level.

Time to make moves

Kim is ready to make her new mark in the industry, as she reversed the roles in the MLB, where more than half of the time men have taken a leadership role in taking teams to victory. She has the experience, the drive, and the determination to take Miami to a new type of level. One thing is certain, that this is only the beginning for women in baseball, and Kim ready to inspire females throughout the world.

In an interview with MLB, she was quoted as saying, “When I got into this business. It seemed unlikely a woman would lead a Major League team. But I am dogged in the pursuit of my goals.” If all goes well, 2021 will define her role as a leader.

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