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Quarterback Power Rankings: Week 10 Edition

quarterback power rankings

With a tumultuous off-season, many teams hinge their playoff hopes on their quarterback. With 32 starting quarterbacks, it is only natural to make a quarterback power rankings to track players throughout the season. Some will rise. Some will fall.

Here is the 11th edition of the quarterback power rankings

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No. 32: Drew Lock, Denver Broncos (-2)

In his last six starts, Lock has a passer rating of 61.9. Jamarcus Russell had a career passer rating of 65.2. Tim Tebow had a 75.1 passer rating in Denver.

No. 31: Nick Foles, Chicago Bears (-3)

Foles may not play in Week 11, but a wet paper towel would be a better quarterback than Foles at the moment.

No. 30: Jake Luton, Jacksonville Jaguars (-3)

If there is an upside to Luton, he has been better than Lock and Foles in the last two weeks.

No. 29: Alex Smith, Washington Football Team (+0)

In his first start since 2018, Smith set a career-high in completions and passing yards. Washington lost, and Smith did not throw a touchdown, but it was inspiring to watch.

No. 28: Joe Flacco, New York Jets (Last Week: Not Included)

Flacco and the Jets were on their bye week.

No. 27: Daniel Jones, New York Giants (+4)

For the first time in his career, Jones has back-to-back games without an interception or lost fumble. He also had a passer rating above 100 for the first time this season. He has double-digit rushing yards in eight of 10 games. Are things looking up on the blue side of East Rutherford?

No. 26: Andy Dalton, Dallas Cowboys (-2)

Dalton and the Cowboys were on their bye week.

No. 25: Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (-5)

Wentz finally had his first game without an interception or lost fumble. However, he leads the NFL with 12 interceptions and nine total fumbles. He has zero games with a passer rating over 100. Every team besides the Eagles has had a quarterback finish a game with 10 pass attempts and a passer rating above 91.2. It is ugly in Philly.

No. 24: Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns (+1)

Mayfield has had an uneventful November. He has zero touchdowns and zero turnovers. The Browns are 1-1 in those games. He will need to play at a high level for the Browns to scratch back into the playoff picture.

No. 23: Nick Mullens, San Francisco 49ers (+3)

Mullens has an 89 passer rating across his six games. The best word to describe his performance is “meh.”

No. 22: Philip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts (+0)

Rivers played well enough to help the Colts to a massive division win. He avoided turning the ball over.

No. 21: Cam Newton, New England Patriots (+2)

Newton threw his first touchdown since September, and he added his ninth rushing touchdown of the season. New England pulled a massive upset over the Ravens. He has his highest yards per attempt since his 2015 MVP season.

No. 20: Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins (+1)

Through three starts, Tagovailoa has five touchdowns and just one turnover. He has guided Miami to a trio of wins, and he has a near-105 passer rating thus far.

No. 19: Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings (-1)

Cousins threw a pair of beautiful touchdowns to Adam Thielen against the Bears. He had an unfortunate interception that Khalil Mack stole from Thielen, but Cousins played well and won his first-ever Monday Night Football game. He has a passer rating above 90 in eight of nine games.

No. 18: Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers (-6)

Herbert’s great rookie season ground to a halt as Miami confused him and the Los Angeles offense. It is likely only a one-week hiccup as the Chargers play the Jets next week.

No. 17: Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans (-3)

Tannehill has not been bad the last few weeks, but he has cooled from a tremendous start. He has a 20-to-3 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

No. 16: Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams (+3)

Goff has five turnovers in two weeks, but he overcame a strip-sack to lead the Rams to a win over Seattle. The touchdown production did not come from him, but he was efficient at picking up yards through the air. It was an all-around solid game from Goff.

No. 15: Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (+0)

Stafford killed one of the best passing defenses in the league, posting a season-high in passer rating. Detroit is only two games out of a playoff spot, but it seems impossible for them to close the gap.

No. 14: Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (+3)

Jackson has taken a step back from his magical 2019 season, but he has been reasonably okay in 2020. He still has a 95.6 passer rating, and he has 45 rushing yards in eight of nine games. He has six games with a passer rating over 92, one of 14 quarterbacks in that group.

No. 13: Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers (+3)

Roethlisberger has multiple touchdowns in eight of nine games. He has his highest touchdown percentage since 2007 and his highest passer rating since 2014. Only Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers have matched Roethlisberger’s seven games with a 100 passer rating.

No. 12: Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints (Last Week: Not Included)

Winston will make his first start with the Saints after Drew Brees sustained an injury against San Francisco. In relief of Brees, Winston completed 60 percent of 10 throws for 63 yards. He offers a unique wrinkle to the New Orleans offense, and he might open up the offense for several deep shots.

No. 11: Teddy Bridgewater, Carolina Panthers (+2)

Bridgewater may not play next week, but he had a solid game against the Buccaneers. If Bridgewater cannot go, XFL legend Phillip Walker will likely get the start.

No. 10: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons (+0)

Ryan and the Falcons were on their bye week.

No. 9: Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals: (-2)

Burrow avoided the turnover bug against the Steelers, but he did not play particularly well. One day he will conquer the Steelers, but it is unlikely to be in 2020.

No. 8: Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (+1)

Allen had two interceptions, but he also had three total touchdowns. If not for a miracle by the next quarterback in the quarterback power rankings, Allen and the Bills would be 8-2. Allen has 27 total touchdowns in 10 games.

No. 7: Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals (+4)

Murray needed a miracle touchdown to knock off the Bills, and he got his prayer answered. Murray was not perfect, but his interception was not his fault. He had three total touchdowns, adding his ninth and 10th rushing touchdowns on the season. He leads the NFL in yards per attempt, and he is on pace for nearly 1,100 rushing yards.

No. 6: Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2)

Brady lit the Panthers on fire. He fired three touchdowns, added a fourth on the ground, and had a passer rating of 124. His season passer rating of 99 is his best since his 2017 MVP season. For the 11th-straight season, Brady’s interception percentage is 2.0 or lower. Brady should secure his 8th season with 30 passing touchdowns. Only Drew Brees, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning have accomplished that.

No. 5: Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans (-1)

Watson’s MVP caliber stretch came to an end in the messy weather of Cleveland. His passer rating of 107 is on pace to be a career-high, and he is one of few bright spots for the Texans this season.

No. 4: Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders (+2)

Carr failed to throw a touchdown for the first time this season, but the Raiders were in such control that he did not need to. His 81.1 passer rating marked his lowest of the season, but Las Vegas has bigger worries than Carr’s passer rating.

No. 3: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks (-1)

Wilson had a perfectly strong MVP candidacy. He then proceeded to whack it with a stick until it died.

Wilson has 10 turnovers in four games, leading to three Seattle losses. His passer rating from his first five games to his last four has declined by nearly 40 points. He is still having a tremendous season, but he has taken a swift downturn.

No. 2: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers (+1)

Rodgers leads the NFL with a mammoth 116.4 passer rating. It’s not quite as good as his NFL-record 2011 season, but it is ridiculous. Rodgers’s second-worst passer rating on the season is 107.6. He has been unstoppable. His eight games with a 107 passer rating are tied for the second-most in NFL history. It only trails Rodgers’s own 2011.

No. 1: Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs (+0)

Mahomes and the Chiefs were on their bye week. Magically, Mahomes became the MVP front-runner without playing in Week 10.

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of the quarterback power rankings.

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