Yankees’ Front Office Frustrations in 2020

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The Yankees’ front office had plenty to be concerned about within 2020, especially when they made it to the postseason. We should look over what the Yankees did wrong in the 2020 playoffs. There are several key factors that the Yankees’ front office continues to overlook, and it seems they’ll never learn.

Should the Yankees’ Front Office Be Concerned With Boone’s Decisions?

For the Yankees’ front office, Boone’s decisions are going to get tested, so it’s essential to make the decisions that feel right for the team. Aaron  Boone’s decisions have not only been bad, but they cost the Yankees a chance to win the ALCS this year. Despite putting in Jonathan Loisanga in Game-2 of the Wild Card series against the Cleveland Indians, the Yankees still won the game and series.

The main issues came in the ALDS against the Rays. It all began in Game-2 of that series when Deivi Garcia was named the starter. While Deivi only gave up one run, he ended up doing fine. Then ask yourself this question; why put in J.A. Happ the very next inning? There was no reason to take out Deivi in that situation. Also, why choose Happ, who has struggled in the playoffs in the past? Why not anyone else if they wanted to make it a bullpen game?

Another brutal mistake happened in the final game of that series. Boone decided to take out Kyle Higashioka, who had been hot the entire series, with the game tied at one. He replaced him with Mike Ford, who hadn’t gotten a hit in an extended amount of time. It also means that Gary Sanchez, who had also struggled in this series, had to be the Yankees catcher.

The move ended up backfiring as the Rays won the game (final 2-1) and the series 3-2. This series is a perfect example of how wrong Boone can be in a playoff scenario. If the Yankees’ front office sees Boone continue to struggle, the front office may have to fire him and look for a new manager, but that’s not to say the front office doesn’t have its issues too.

The Yankees’ Front Office Doesn’t Know the Definition of Trade.

What is the reason for trading in baseball? You swap players in hopes of getting better ones to fix your team. It seems the Yankees’ front office keeps forgetting about that word. Year after year, we see the Yankees decide not to go after anyone, claiming that their team is fine. Seemingly, like every other year, it continues to be a primary reason why the Yankees fail every year in the playoffs.

So, what were the most significant issues at this year’s trade deadline for the Yankees’ front office? First, it was not going after another starter. Remember, the Yankees don’t have Luis Severino and Domingo German this season. They cannot rely on just Gerrit Cole, an inconsistent J. A Happ, and a terrible James Paxton. There were many candidates for the Yankees to go and get, like Lance Lynn and Kevin Gausman.

Probably the biggest issue that the Yankee’s front office needed to look at is the bullpen. This season, the Yankees bullpen could’ve worked well, had it not been for Tommy Kahnle getting injured. Adding another arm to this bullpen could’ve helped, as Luis Cessa, Adam Ottavino struggled. One reliever the Yankees should’ve gone after is Trevor Rosenthal, as he did have 11 saves last season.

The Yankees offense also suffered some injuries, as Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge were once again injured. The Yankees’ front office should’ve looked and traded for Starling Marte. In 2020, Martè had a .311 batting average and 443 slugging percentage with the Diamondbacks.


This concludes the three-part article series on the Yankees’ playoff failures. A franchise like the New York Yankees can’t keep having these issues every year. Having gone 11 years without a championship has to signify to everyone, both in the Yankees’ front office and on the team, that drastic changes need to be made.

We may not what those changes are going to be or when they’ll get made. It can’t come down to Aroldis Chapman blowing it every single year and having every MLB franchise laugh in the Yankees’ face. When are the Yankees finally going to win a World Series? Well, the Yankees have to figure it out themselves and fast.

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