6 Takeaways From ONE: Inside The Matrix 4

Inside the Matrix 4 marks the final episode in this series and leads the way to a new one. Inside the Matrix has been an MMA heavy set of events, with Evolve MMA putting in a big presence. Next up we go to ONE: Big Bang on December 4th. 

Dominant Performance From Maira Mazar

In the first match on Inside the Matrix 4, Maira Mazar executed a perfect gameplan against Choi Jeong Yun. She closed the distance, initiated the clinch, and took the fight to the mat where she was queen. It was the perfect recipe to deal with the massive height disadvantage. Maira clearly knew what she wanted to do going in there, and the clear direction paid off. 

Feints And Predicting His Opponent Wins Ryogo Takahashi His Match 

Takahashi vs Chang was a battle of the feints in round 1, both a flurry of activity. The key difference was in their convincingness and their response. Takahashi was cautious, moving away whereas Yoon Chang was all aggression, throwing caution to the wind. This really hit home in the second round, with Ryogo predicting perfectly where his opponent’s chin would be, slipping to the side, and throwing the overhand right to drop Chang perfectly. Patience and reading patterns won this bout. 

Lack Of Set Ups Cost Bruno Pucci The Match

Bruno ‘Puccibull’ Pucci came out fast and aggressive in this bout, looking to take it straight to the canvas. Aggression isn’t everything though, and a lack of setups meant that his opponent Kwon Won Il saw everything coming. Kwon Won Il’s takedown defense was on point. After several attempts, Bruno was clearly tired and had little to answer back with as he was pushed to the fence and finished. The takeaway here? Deception is key. A takedown will be twice as hard if the opponent knows it’s coming, no matter how aggressive you are. 

Muay Thai Steals The Show

This fight was fantastic. In a show filled with MMA fights, it was the one and only Muay-Thai match that stood out to me as the fight of the night for Inside the Matrix 4. This was back and forth, each round hard to score, and both athletes put on a show. I wouldn’t know who to give this to, and I think the split decision laid that out perfectly. 

Aslanbek Zikreev Enters The Official Rankings And Potential Title Contention

Coming into this, Zikreev was unranked, but after this (admittedly very close) win against #2 ranked Wang he’s going to be vaulted into the title picture. Astemir Borsov is ranked #1 and has yet to face the champ, but apart from that, the run looks clear for Aslanbek. 

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