3 Point Guards the Houston Rockets Can Bring in to Bolster Bench

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The Houston Rockets have had an up and down off-season. It started with Mike D’Antoni deciding to move on from the Rockets after his contract expired. Then general manager Darryl Morey and the Rockets decided to part ways.

Then the bombshells really started to drop right before free agency. It was first reported that Russell Westbrook wanted out and did not want to be a part of the Rockets organization. Shortly after that multiple reports suggested James Harden wanted to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets. These rumors continued into the start of free agency this past Friday.

Luckily the Rockets would start to receive some good news this off-season. The Rocket’s main target was Christian Wood the power forward/ center who last played for the Detroit Pistons. The Rockets were able to nab the big man on the first day of free agency. The team from Houston also added several other complementary players from the draft and recently former All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins.

With all the additions the Rockets have had one thing is still missing a backup point guard. Here are three potential guards the Houston Rockets could add to bolster their bench.

Potential Houston Rockets guard Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson split time between two teams last year. He started the year with the Detroit Pistons before being traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. Jackson, the last few years, has been stuck in mediocrity with the Pistons before playing a small role last year for the Clippers.

Jackson does bring you a guard who can push the pace and has actually been a good 3-point shooter the last two seasons shooting .369 and .393 from deep with two different teams as his attempts have gone up. Jackson is a passable defender but has good size at 6 ft 3 inches and 208 pounds. Jackson would give the Rockets another playmaker which they need after the departure of Austin Rivers.

Jackson surprisingly has not been signed by another team and maybe willing to play for the veteran minimum if he cannot secure a better offer.

Potential Houston Rockets guard Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas was, at one point, one of the best feel-good stories in the NBA. Thomas was a fan favorite with the Boston Celtics making the All-Star game back-to-back years in 2016 and 2017 and had several great games in the playoffs. Then Thomas injured his hip in the 2017 playoffs and hasn’t been the same since.

Thomas was traded from the Wizards to the Clippers last year and then waived shortly afterward. When Thomas has been healthy, he was instant offensive and could provide a scoring spark off the Rockets bench.

Thomas recently spoke about feeling the best he has in a long time.

“Those guys were like, ‘Damn, welcome back. You really look like yourself,’ ” Thomas recalled. “That only gave me more confidence to be able to play the game again. I mean, I was blowing by people. I haven’t blown by anybody since I had a Celtics uniform on. When I was able to blow by MVP-caliber players, that told me my burst and power, and speed are there. I really feel like I’m back.”

Thomas has averaged 12.2 points and shot .413 from deep last year for the Wizards in 40 games.

Potential Houston Rockets guard Shabazz Napier

Shabazz Napier is your quintessential shoot-first point guard. Napier has played for six teams over his six-year career. Last year he averaged 10.3 points while only shooting .317 from deep.

That may not seem like a bad percentage from the arc but keep in mind after he was traded to the Washington Wizards and had more playing time Napier shot .358 from 3-point range while averaging 11.6 points per game. Most importantly he gives you another ball-handler off the bench.

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