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Is Drew Lock the Answer for Denver?

The Denver Broncos have struggled to find their franchise quarterback ever since Peyton Manning retired after Super Bowl 50. Since then, they have had seven different players start at least once at QB. The Broncos thought they found their guy in Drew Lock when he went 4-1 as a rookie in 2019. However, now that it is Drew’s first year as a starter, people are having doubts and Denver is at week 12 with a 4-6 record.

So should Denver stay with Lock? Should they look for someone in the 2021 NFL Draft? Can John Elway find a franchise QB? Let"s look at some of these questions and talk about both sides of the argument.

Why Denver Should Keep Lock

If Denver sticks with Drew Lock, they will try to bring out the potential that they saw in him at the end of the 2019 season. He looked good and went 4-1 as a starter, only to lose to the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. There have been glimpses of greatness during this year as well. He came back to beat the Chargers in the fourth quarter, and almost every fourth quarter he seems like a decent starting QB.

It is the other two or three quarters that scare Broncos fans. Having four interceptions in the Las Vegas game, and six total picks in the four games before that is not good. If Denver wanted to give Drew some time to develop and give him a mentor, they can go after someone during free agency. There are plenty of experienced QBs that they can sign to a one or two year contract who won"t be breathing down Lock"s back for playing time.

This kid has potential, and if he wants to stay in Denver with the starting job, he is going to have to pull out some magic like he did at the end of 2019.

Why Denver Should move on from Lock

Denver has been struggling to find a quarterback, as we talked about before. The highest that the Broncos have drafted a QB was Jay Cutler with the 11th overall pick back in 2006. The Broncos are projected to have the 11th overall pick again. Can we see them take another QB picked just outside of the top 10? It is possible. If they don"t want to draft one, they can also pick up some good QB"s in free agency.

Cam Newton, Dak Prescott, and Jameis Winston are all either free agents or could possibly be on the market. Kyle Allen and Nick Mullens are also guys that are younger that they can possibly build around, but probably aren"t better than Lock. Denver could also draft a young QB and get Andy Dalton to sit behind and learn for a year or two. That would leave Lock as trade bait come draft season.

Brett Rypien is the only other future option that is currently on the roster. Rypien looked good when he replaced an injured Lock earlier this season. Even though he threw four picks and only two TDs, he still made right decisions and did not force anything. Getting him more playing time could also give him more confidence and have him play better.

What Should Denver Do?

It looks as though Denver will have to stick with Lock until the end of the year and see what the front office will do after that. The quarterback situation will not matter if Elway can"t put a competent offensive line on the field. That will go a long way in protecting whoever is under center in 2021. Not just from a pass protection standpoint, but even in the run-game. Having a great ground attack makes the game that much easier for quarterbacks.

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