Three Likely Candidates To Be the Next Detroit Lions Head Coach

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On November 28, Matt Patricia was finally fired as the Detroit Lions head coach. The Lions have had mediocre-to-terrible seasons with him at the helm these last three seasons. His final record was 13-39-1. There is no time to look back, however, as the “big” question is already being asked. Who is the best suitor for the Detroit Lions head coach position?

Eric Bieniemy

Eric Bieniemy has been on the doorstep of his first head coaching position for a while now and he is definitely the most deserving coach for the job. Bieniemy has produced one of the best offensive powerhouses the NFL has seen lately. With his offensive coordinator skills, he helped the Kansas City Chiefs win a Superbowl.

Bieniemy can easily change the culture of the Lions. He also has experience dealing with veteran AND rookie quarterbacks. He has the capability of getting Matthew Stafford everything he needs to get back to stardom all the while still grooming a first-round quarterback as he did with Patrick Mahomes. He has “Future Lions head coach” written all over him.

Robert Saleh

If the Lions want to go a route similar to Patricia, there is always Robert Saleh. Saleh has become one of the best defensive minds in the NFL. He helped the San Francisco 49ers get to the Superbowl last season and although this has been hard due to all the injuries, his team competes hard every single week. The big problem the Lions have is the lack of talent and motivation on the defensive end. With a winning defense, Saleh can take the Lions to new heights and get them back to playoff contention.

Saleh has a knack for spotting talent where no one else sees it. With some savvy drafting in the next few drafts, the Lions could have a very scary defense. This needs to be done quickly before Stafford’s time passes by.

Kevin O’Connell

Kevin O’Connell is a disciple of Sean Mcvay with the LA Rams. He was the Washington Redskins offensive coordinator till he was replaced this season as he revitalized Goff’s career. He has roots with the Detroit Lions as he was the Quarterback in 2009. He is only 35 and is seen as an offensive genius. He might be a risk due to his age but it is possible that the Lions could hit gold, just as the Rams did with Mcvay a few years ago.


The front runners for the Lions head coach position are definitely Eric Bieniemy, Robert Saleh, and Kevin O’Connell. Since the Lions fired Matt Patricia this soon in the season, they will have a jumpstart on getting one of these up-and-coming coaches. There are other coaches that could fit the bill also but not as polished as the three mentioned.

Head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners, Lincoln Riley, has been named several times as a possibility to move up to the NFL level. Jim Harbaugh, even though he is struggling as the Michigan head coach, still had a very good tenure in San Francisco. Also, Matt Campbell has turned Iowa State into a powerhouse and has been looking to move up to the NFL level.

The Detroit Lions are at an all-time low, but the future could look brighter, depending on their next move at head coach. The organization has not made good decisions in the past regarding who should be the Lions head coach. Those bad decisions have led to this current situation. The good news, if there is any, is that Detroit can only go up from here.

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