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Darren Till to Light Heavyweight?


Instagram Caption

Today, UFC middleweight contender Darren Till teased a potential move to light heavyweight on his Instagram profile. Till posted this picture on his Instagram account with the caption “To go to Light Heavyweight”. Till started his UFC career at welterweight and took the jump to middleweight towards the end of 2019.

Weight Troubles And Move to Middleweight

Darren’s move to middleweight always seemed to be inevitable given his prior troubles making the welterweight limit. He was always a shockingly large fighter for the 170 pound division and appears to have grown into the middleweight division well, visually appearing to have added more weight. Till has shown his skills well since moving up to 185. He neutralized the extremely dangerous Kelvin Gastelum with his kicking game and clinch then dropped a close decision to Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker. Till now finds himself outside of the top five middleweight making a potential move to 205 make a little bit of sense.

Trolling And Potential Matchups

It’s worth taking this with a pinch of salt as Darren is as prolific of a troll on social media as he is a fighter in the cage. History of trolling aside, there are some matchups at light heavyweight that make sense for Darren Till. Former middleweights Anthony Smith and Thiago Santos. Till vs. Smith is an interesting hypothetical matchup because Till is a strong wrestler who may be able to stop Smith from taking him down, there isn’t an overwhelming weight and reach difference, and Darren’s abilities in the mid and outside ranges in the stand up. Thiago Santos is an Interesting match up for Till because his vision plays well against Santos’ aggressive disposition inside the cage and the sheer fact that it would be an incredibly difficult fight for Till to win, because of Santos’ power. If he could pull it off if this hypothetical bout were to ever become actualized, it would be incredible.


Since starting his UFC career as an oversized welterweight and having some troubles with the scales, Till moved up to middleweight. And enjoying some success at middleweight he began to grow into the division. Today Till teased a potential move to welterweight in his IG post and while there are some interesting hypothetical matchups at 205 for him, the move actually happening seems unlikely. When you consider his sense of humor and history of trolling on social media the move seems even more unlikely.

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