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Phillies First Base Options: Three Temporary Solutions

After Rhys Hoskins went down for Tommy John Surgery, the Phillies first base options were slim.

With all of the drama and underachieving that happened this year for the Philadelphia Phillies, things got worse when first baseman, Rhys Hoskins, had to get Tommy John surgery to repair a torn UCL. Tommy John surgery is a huge operation for athletes, especially baseball players, so for the time being, the Phillies will have to look for other options to be their first baseman until Hoskins can return. The Phillies roster is thin at first, so looking to sign one will be important.

Could Jay Bruce"s Return Be a Possibility?

This option could be an easy one for the Phillies. Jay Bruce, who was on the Philadelphia Phillies this offseason, could return to the City of Brotherly Love. Primarily, Bruce is an outfielder, and the Phillies used him as their primary designated hitter. Jay Bruce also knows how to play first base, which is why this could be a solid option for the Phillies, and you wouldn"t have to sign him for a lot. This past season, Bruce had a .198 batting average, six home runs, 14 RBI"s, and an on-base percentage of .252.

This signing would not be a flashy one, but why would it be? Once Hoskins is back, Bruce would be coming off the bench, and then Jay Bruce could be an option to pinch-hit late into games. All in all, Bruce could be a solid first base signing for the Phillies.

Mitch Moreland: From “America"s Finest City" to Philadelphia?

The first base market this offseason isn"t streaming with youthful and amazing talent, however, there are some reliable players that could help certain lineups.

Mitch Moreland could be that guy for Philadelphia. In an article written by Mike Gray called, “Mitch Moreland Traded To Padres" he stated, “For Moreland, he served his time well in Boston. He did just about everything for the Sox. He was a clubhouse leader, a great hitter, and best of all, a very clutch player. Moreland played a pivotal role for the Red Sox in their 2018 World Series run. The Padres are adding a great veteran to their team in their hopes for a deep playoff push."

He was traded to San Diego in August and had a solid 2020 campaign. This past season he batted .265 with 10 home runs, 29 RBI"s, and an on-base percentage of .342. He could be a pretty reliable bat for the Phillies to utilize while Hoskins is out or recovering. This could be a first base signing that could benefit the Phillies.

Could Daniel Murphy Make A Pit Stop In Philly?

Daniel Murphy has been in the league since 2008 and has been with four different teams during his career. Now maybe a good time for the Phillies to sign the veteran player. Murphy is special because of his ability to play so many different positions, including first base. This past season Murphy had a batting average of .236, hit three home runs, and had 16 RBIs with an on-base percentage of .275.

By no means is this a flashy signing, he is an older veteran that the Phillies could sign for cheap as a temporary replacement. His ability to play multiple positions and hit well could help the Phillies, especially since the Phillies need options at first base, it would be important for them to target someone like Murphy.

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