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AFC South Standings Still Close After Week 13

The AFC South standings have been a back and forth affair between the Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts for the entirety of 2020. The two teams clashed in week 12 and the Titans beat Indy 45-26. Since this was their second win over the Colts already this year, many people had already given the Titans the division crown.

Fast forward to week 14 where the Titans lost to the Browns 41-35 and the Colts beat the Texans 26-20, leaving the AFC South standings tied with both teams heading into the final quarter of the season at 8-4. What has caused the Colts to get a chance to break back into this race?

AFC South standings tight at the top

Frankly, if Tennesee had a better defense, this division would probably be clinched already. Jadeveon Clowney had surgery ahead of Week 13, finishing him for the season. Despite gambling on a 1-year deal that would let him enter free agency in 2021, he hasn’t helped the Titans" defense as much as anyone thought. He is a three-time Pro Bowl defensive end and has six QB hits this year but has no sacks through just seven games played.

Tennessee"s defense didn"t do much better without him, as they surrendered four touchdowns in the first half against the Browns on Sunday. The Titans allowed Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield to go 20-of-25 for 290 yards passing in that half, as well.

When the Colts lost to the Titans last week, 45-26, they were without Denico Autry and DeForest Buckner. Those two are a huge part of the Colts" run defense that was gashed without them. The Colts are clearly better with these two in the lineup. Case in point: the recent loss to the Titans. Tennessee ended the day with 449 yards, including 229 on the ground.

What"s Next For The AFC South

With the season in its last four weeks, the battle for the playoffs heats up with the wild-card and divisional playoffs having not been completely decided.

Remaining schedules

The Titans play their AFC South rivals, the Jaguars, followed by the Lions, Packers, and Texans to end the season.

The Colts play the Raiders, Texans, Steelers, and Jaguars to end the season.

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