Plan B for Top MLB Teams: 2021 Free Agency

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As free agency starts in Major League Baseball, a Plan B for top MLB teams needs to be found. There are a few teams that will possibly lose their main player to free agency and these teams need a backup plan.

Plan B for Top MLB Teams : The Yankees

The New York Yankees are looking at outfielders in case they can’t retain D.J. LeMahieu. The Yankees seem to need left-handed bats. They are very interested in four-time All-Star Michael Brantley.

The comparison from Lemahieu to Brantley is very close for the small sample size we had in 2020. Lemahieu had a .364 batting average, 22 extra base hits, .421 on base percentage, and .590 slugging percentage. Brantley had a .300 batting average, 20 extra base hits, a .364 on base percentage, and .476 slugging percentage. Lemahieu is still the front runner because of his stats and finished third in the MVP voting. If they cant sign Lemahieu then Michael Brantley is an obvious choice to go after.

Plan B for Top MLB Teams: The Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies should have a Plan B if they can not retain J.T. Realmuto. Austin Barnes from the LA Dodgers would be a good compliment. The Dodgers have a young prospect coming up in Keibert Ruiz. The Phillies would not mind getting another right-handed hitter, and Barnes would be perfect.

Austin Barnes will fit the bill as long as James McCann is off the board. James McCann is very similar in offense to J.T. Realmuto. The difference between the two is Realmuto has a much bigger price tag. McCann will fit on a lot of teams due to having a lower price tag for the same ability.

Kurt Suzuki is one more catcher on the list for the Phillies. He is a very likable player. He is a switch hitter that had a very good season in a small sample size last season. He already helped the Washington Nationals to their first World Series Championship two seasons ago.

Plan B for Top MLB Teams: The Astros

What will the Houston Astros do if they can’t bring back George Springer? It will be hard to see the Astros without Springer in center field but more than likely this will happen. He is a very polished player both offensively and defensively but there is an option.

The Houston Astros should stay in house and bring Kyle Tucker from left field to center field. Tucker played a lot of center field in the minor leagues and he has enough offensive power to be a huge part of their lineup.

Another option for the Astros is signing David Dahl. He is the 27-year-old centerfielder from the Colorado Rockies. The Astros need to worry about his injury proneness but when healthy he has humungous upside for this lineup.

In 2019 Dahl’s injuries held him back. He was having a All-Star season and his 2020 season was awful in a short season. If he can stay healthy in a regular length season he can get back to All-Star form.

Before the injuries, David Dahl’s stats were amazing. He had a batting average of .302, a on-base percentage of .353, and a slugging percentage of .524. This was over a span of 100 games.

In 2020, Dahl only played in 24 games. His batting average was .183. He also had a terrible .222 on-base percentage and slugging percentage under .250. There was a rehab process at the start of 2020 which gave him 19 games in the minor leagues. The key is having him healthy.

Plan B for Top MLB Teams: The Braves

The Atlanta Braves will miss Marcell Ozuna if they can’t retain him. He was a major part of a very solid Braves team. What will the second best team in the national league do?

This team needs a right-handed bat. A good solution is to sign Justin Turner from the LA Dodgers and play him at third base. Then they will move Austin Riley into left field. Justin Turner is still a very good infielder and fits the fabric of the Atlanta Braves culture.

Michael Brantley is another name that could be in the plans if the Yankees don’t get to him first. He gives them a great at bat everytime as a .300 lifetime hitter. As for his defense, he is a very underrated player in left field.

Maybe the best fit for the Atlanta Braves would be George Springer. He plays better defense out in left field than the other two options. Putting Springer in the lineup would make the Braves a legitimate contender for the World Series Championship.

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