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Aaron Rodgers’ Future Goal Is Bold but Attainable

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are fresh off of a big 30-16 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Even though things got a bit tight down the stretch, the team was still able to pull out a win to improve to 9-3 on the season. So, before we talk about Aaron Rodgers’ future with the team, let’s delve into how well he has played.

So far this year, Rodgers has been performing like an MVP. He is currently being talked about as a top-two MVP candidate alongside Patrick Mahomes. Through the first 12 games of the season, Rodgers has completed 68.9 of his pass attempts for 3,395 yards, 36 touchdowns, and just four interceptions. Those numbers come after an offseason full of criticism from the fans and media.

Following the big win over the Eagles, a massive goal was revealed about Aaron Rodgers" future plans. In Sunday"s win, he threw his 400th career touchdown pass and he wants to build on that in an impressive way moving forward.

“I"m going to see if I can get to 500 before I throw 100 picks."

-Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers" future looks bright

At 37 years old, Rodgers is playing some of the best football of his career and it is clear that head coach Matt LaFleur and Rodgers are 100 percent on the same page on the field, but are they all on the same page regarding Aaron Rodgers" future?

With the success that Rodgers has been having this season, the Packers are going to have some tough decisions ahead of them. Do they still plan a shift at QB to their 2020 first round draft pick, Jordan Love, regardless of how Rodgers is playing at the end of his contract? Or do they admit they jumped the gun and stick with the Packers" legend?

Rodgers and the Packers are looking like a serious contender to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. They are going to be a tough team to beat come playoff time. Times are exciting once again for fans in Green Bay. Before the year, because of the arrival of Love, many people questioned how long Aaron Rodgers" future with the team would be. Now, all of that is a thing of the past, until the off-season comes…

Expect to see Aaron Rodgers continue to put up massive numbers moving forward. The Packers are firing on all cylinders and this team is no fluke. Rodgers is still one of the most feared quarterbacks in the game and that will never change.

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