Packers QB Jordan Love Draws Elite Comparison to Patrick Mahomes

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Packers QB Jordan Love has been compared to one of the greatest since the day he was drafted. That comes with the territory of being drafted behind a legend. The Packers made the shocking decision in the 2020 NFL Draft to trade up in the first round in order to select Love. It was a move that confused many fans, especially with the Packers coming off of a trip to the NFC Championship Game.

So far this season, Aaron Rodgers has succeeded in making the pick even more confusing. He has returned to an MVP level of play and is showing no signs of slowing down. Many are starting to believe that the Packers made a mistake by drafting Love.

However, a former teammate of Love’s at Utah State, Siaosi Mariner, doesn’t think they did. Mariner was the top wide receiver for the Aggies with Love being his quarterback. He actually compared the Packers’ rookie quarterback to Kansas City Chiefs’ superstar Patrick Mahomes.

“You’re going to get the Patrick Mahomes. But I don’t even want to discredit Jordan. He definitely is his own person. He’s Jordan Love. There’s just a different thing about him. He has that swagger about him. When he walks into the building, you just kind of know, ‘OK…’ He definitely passes the eyeball test. And then when you see him do it, it’s an ‘I told you so’ thing. He looks the part. He makes everything look effortless. Everything’s so smooth with him.”

-Siaosi Mariner

This is a surprising and bold comparison. Granted, it does come from a former teammate of Love’s, which does increase the bias level. However, Love received a ton of hype throughout the draft process as many analysts had him rated as a top-ten pick.

What To Make Of Packers QB Jordan Love

Love has been the third quarterback on the depth chart this season behind Rodgers and Tim Boyle. While he isn’t even the backup, no one should read too far into that. He was always going to be last on the depth chart as a rookie.

Green Bay did not take Jordan Love to play him this season. They took him so that he could learn behind Rodgers over the next few years. During his three-year career at Utah State, Love put together a solid stat line. He completed 61.2 percent of his pass attempts for 8,600 yards, 60 touchdowns, and 29 interceptions. Those numbers aren’t elite, but they aren’t bad either.

Looking at the way Love plays, he does bring some swagger to the field. Fans are going to enjoy watching him play when he does see the field for the Packers. Assuming he develops his arm and learns from Rodgers, the sky is the limit for him.

What’s Next For Packers?

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Green Bay at the quarterback position. Rodgers is going to be around the NFL for another couple of years, at least. Do the Packers move on from Rodgers even with him playing at an insanely high level? Or do they move the young quarterback and stick with Rodgers?

This situation will remind a lot of fans of the Brett Favre situation. He ended up joining the Minnesota Vikings, which stung the franchise a lot. If Rodgers, like Favre, is shown the door, Jordan Love will have big shoes to fill.

Expect to hear a lot more about Packers QB Jordan Love in the coming year or two. His time is coming and he better be ready for it.

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