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Raisel Iglesias Traded to Los Angeles Angels

On the first day of winter meetings, Major League Baseball has its first trade. The Raisel Iglesias trade by the Cincinnati Reds to the Los Angeles Angels for Noe Ramirez and a player to be named later or cash was the first deal made at the meetings.

Raisel Iglesias Trade: What Does This Mean for the Reds?

It looks like the Cincinnati Reds are looking to divest themselves of some assets. The Reds will be making a lot of economic moves and this is one of them. They are mainly trying to get their payroll in line with where they think they should be. They put a lot of eggs in last season"s basket and took a run at it. Now they are looking to step back to meet the economic standards to meet payroll.

The Cincinnati Reds will be saving 13 million dollars by making this trade. At the same time though, they will be missing a very key pitcher in the bullpen.

Raisel Iglesias Trade: What Does This Mean for the Angels?

Since this is the first trade of the winter books, the Angels have taken on a “strike hard" approach to the offseason. They are beginning to solve issues without spending a lot of money to get things done.

The Angels want to continue to build around Mike Trout and this first strike is showing how they will get to a playoff run. They have a bunch of capital and a bunch of prospect capital to work with on making smooth calculated trades throughout the offseason.

Raisel Iglesias Trade: He Has Made Improvements

There is a huge reason why the Angels acquired Raisel Iglesias. Iglesias has been showing major improvements in his game in the past three seasons. In 2018, Iglesias struck out 10 batters per nine innings, allowed 3.1 walks per nine innings, and 6.5 hits per nine innings. In 2019, Iglesias struck out 12 batters per nine innings, allowed 2.8 walks per nine innings, and 8.2 hits per nine innings. Last season, Iglesias struck out 12.1 batters per nine innings, allowed 2 walks per nine innings, and 6.3 hits per nine innings.

Raisel Iglesias isn"t your traditional closer. In the last five seasons, he has had the most multi-inning saves of any closer with 31. This will only make it easier for the Angels to make a lockdown bullpen. They had 14 blown saves last season and Iglesias is the one to heal the bleeding. When the Raisel Iglesias trade was made, this was a great first step.

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