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White Sox Roster Moves, You Gotta Be Bleeping Me

Hawk Harrelson is well known for his harangues in the booth, including his famous “You gotta be bleeping me!” The colorful broadcaster, who manned the TV booth on the South-Side for 34 years, was awarded the Ford C. Frick Award in 2019. His name will now forever be a part of the Library of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. One famous quote From Harrelson could define the White Sox roster moves.

Harrelson"s passion was evident throughout his years in the booth. He also spent a short time as the GM, where he made a few White Sox roster moves. In 1986, he fired future Hall of fame manager, Tony LaRussa, ironically, LaRussa was just hired as the White Sox"s “new" manager on October 29th. There is no doubt that most fans will remember Harrelson for his tirades when things did not go the way of the White Sox.

White Sox Roster Moves Got Fans Quoting Hawk

The mantra has been attributed to Harrelson since he used it on May 30, 2012, when White Sox lefty Jose Quintana, was ejected by an overzealous Mark Wegner. Like many “Hawkisms," it has stayed with Sox fans even beyond Harrelson"s retirement from the booth. As the Sox continue their push to serious contention in 2021, might there be new applications to this particular saying?

White Sox Roster Moves – Part One

On October 12th, the White Sox fired manager Ricky Renteria, who led the team to a 35-25 record and their first playoff berth since 2008. Most Sox fans were thrilled at the firing, as Renteria"s ability to make in-game decisions have been questioned for as long as he has been in the dugout. White Sox fans then anxiously awaited the news of the hiring of the next manager.

Could it be A.J. Hinch, or Alex Cora, or some other qualified manager with recent postseason experience? Sox fans were filled with anticipation, like a kid on Christmas Eve.

On October 29th, the White Sox announced that they had hired…..drumroll, please….Tony LaRussa as their “new" manager. Tony LaRussa? “You Gotta Be Bleeping Me!" was the cry of many anguished Sox fans. The 76-year-old guy who hasn"t managed in ten years? The guy who still has a second DUI hanging over his head?

In LaRussa"s defense, he is in the Hall of Fame as a manager, with three World Series championships. He is also the third-winningest manager in MLB history. His knowledge of the game is unquestionable and he has the credentials and experience, despite this, many fans cried out, “You Gotta Be Bleeping Me!"

White Sox Roster Moves – Part Two

Okay, Rick Hahn, you have a “new " manager, for better or worse. Do Sox fans want to know how you are going to upgrade your roster? Fans have waited long enough, and please don"t allow Reinsdorf to get in the way. What"s that you say, Jerry signs the checks? The Sox will go the cheap route, as always?

In the past two days, the White Sox have made two moves to bolster their chance in 2021. Late Monday night, they acquired veteran righty, Lance Lynn, from the Rangers in exchange for pitching prospect Dane Dunning. Lynn should be a solid addition and provide stability to the Sox"s rotation. Predictably, some South Side fans, not wanting to part with any of their prospects replied by crying out with one voice, “You Gotta Be Bleeping Me!"

Rick Hahn was far from done, though, as he added an outfielder, in fact, a right fielder. Could it be, dare we hope that it is George Springer? Or how about Michael Brantley? Heck, we might even settle for Joc Pederson. The announcement came down that the Sox had signed…wait for it…..are you ready?….. Adam Eaton. Yes, that Adam Eaton, who left Chicago with a reputation as a bad teammate (ask Todd Frazier, for one). Again, many fans could only respond with: “You Gotta Be Bleeping Me!"

But Seriously, White Sox Roster Moves

What is the upshot of the White Sox roster moves? Can LaRussa really be that bad, considering his managerial record? Will Lynn pitch well enough to mitigate the loss of Dunning? Can Eaton focus on just playing baseball, and allow team leaders to be leaders? While the answers will come as the 2021 season unfolds, one thing is certain, if the 2021 season comes apart, and Jerry Reinsdorf is exposed as the penny-pincher many fans believe him to be, Sox fans will respond with an emphatic, “You Gotta Be Bleeping Me!"

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