Four Denver Broncos Free Agents That They Must Re-Sign

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The Denver Broncos season has been far from perfect. With injuries and Covid, it has been a rough season. That being said, there are some impending Broncos free agents that have been playing lights out and should be paid to stay in Orange and Blue.

The most important of all Broncos free agents

Phillip Lindsay: Starting Running back

Lindsay should be re-signed this offseason to a multi-year deal. The Broncos only signed Melvin Gordon for two years so by signing Lindsay for around 4 years will have the duo for one more year…then Lindsay will be the main back. This is a Pro-Bowl undrafted free agent that wanted to stay in Colorado and picked Denver to call home. He also shows that he wants to stay in his home state by having 2488 yards rushing in less than 3 years.

The only thing that is worrisome about having Lindsay as your main back, is all of the injuries. Even in 2020, Lindsay has had trouble staying on the field. Denver has played 12 games so far this year and Lindsay has only been in 9. So if you do re-sign him you need to have a decent back to back him up. He might be the most injury-prone of all the Broncos free agents.

Justin Simmons: Starting Free Safety

One of the best safeties in the league needs to stay in Mile High. Justin Simmons has been the most consistent DB on the Broncos this year. He was also huge this year against the Miami Dolphins, making an interception to win the game. Simmons is a rare safety that is excellent in coverage but also helps on the run. He is also only 27 years of age. In 2020. he already has 4 interceptions with 76 tackles… in only 12 games! If Denver only re-signs one player from this list, it has to be Justin Simmons.

Will Parks: Reserve Safety

Parks has helped this DB group a ton. With all of the injuries, it is nice to have a consistent veteran that knows the playbook. Also, with Kareem Jackson playing in his contract year, you have to pick one to sign. I feel like with them so close together and having Parks at 26 would be a better fit than keeping Jackson at 32. You may also get him for cheaper price since he couldn’t make it on other teams as well.

Shelby Harris: Interior defensive line

Harris was a free agent pickup from the 2019 offseason. He didn’t go anywhere and since Denver was dealing with injuries he came back to Colorado. Since he has been back, though, he has been one of the best D-linemen in the division. The best thing that Harris brings to Denver is his batting down balls at the line. Harris does an excellent job of knowing if he won’t get to the QB to just put up his hands and knock the ball down. With Harris, being added to the already fierce defensive unit that Denver is expected to field next year, this pass rush could be scary.

The Denver Broncos Have Big Decisions

These are just the four players that should for sure get re-signed. There might be others to help out the team and some players from free agency could also help. It will help to get back Courtland Sutton, Jurrell Casey, and Von Miller. If Denver wants to start competing with Kansas City again for the AFC West, they need to have everyone healthy and bring back these playmakers.

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