Adrien Broner Cements His Spot in 2020: Year of the Losers

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On Thursday, former 4-division world champ and serial viral video antagonist, Adrien Broner, made boxing news by being ordered to pay one Carlos Gonzalez $4 million by a Las Vegas judge. Gonzalez was knocked out cold by Broner in a brief, apparently completely unnecessary, scuffle on the Las Vegas Strip back in 2017. It was the last serious punch thrown by the chronically ill-advised boxer, who is now broke.

Broner Makes Boxing News for the Wrong Reasons, Again

The question remains how “About Billions” is going to pay the $4 million judgment when he recently claimed to have just $13 in his bank account and has admitted to living on loans from more financially successful friends. He was jailed last month for a contempt of court charge stemming from a failure to pay $800,000 to a sexual assault victim in Ohio.

“We’re going to do everything we can to collect against Adrien Broner, but that’s an uphill battle, for sure,” Gonzalez’s attorney Ash Ganier told the Las Vegas Review Journal.

This Las Vegas court judgment is just the latest chicken coming home to roost for the sad sack native of Cincinnati, who also uses the very appropriate ring name “The Problem.” 


Once a supremely well-regarded prospect and ally of Floyd Mayweather, the now 31-year-old fighter has drifted from fight to fight, delivering little in the way of real effort, often with long stretches of inactivity between ring appearances. With a record of 0-2-1 in his last three bouts and without anything resembling a marquee win since beating a well-past prime Paulie Malignaggi via split decision in 2013, Broner gives every appearance of being only interested in boxing when he needs a payday to continue fueling his lifestyle needs. As a matter of fact, he flat-out told the court in last month’s Ohio hearing that he was looking to make another fight to pay off the loans he had been getting from friends.

The guy won no friends or allies over the course of his pro career with his arrogant rich bad guy routine, something which saw him take heat for ripping up money and flushing it down toilets and putting on any number of belligerently ridiculous and demeaning video vignettes for social media followers. He had generated so much bad blood among fight fans that there were celebrations all over social media when he got beat up and defeated for the first time by Argentine slugger Marcos Maidana in late 2013.

Broner’s story is not a new one in boxing. “Have it all, lose it all” tales are a sad, unfortunate part of boxing lore. But nobody has been quite as…public…with his steady fall into pathetic disgrace as Broner. The guy is broadcasting his own fall from grace and dive into ruin, every single bit of it.

Broner’s freefall into dishonor and destruction cements his spot in a 2020 that has been full of losers imploding and exploding prodigiously. From small scale political losses for democracy and harmony to a worldwide failure to contain a deadly virus (which resulted in a worldwide financial collapse), this year has been chock full of fails.

The tale of one arrogant and aggressively self-destructive boxer is hardly a big deal stacked up against this world mess, especially when sized up against the almost humorously perpetual “L” taken by a United States President who temper tantrums daily over an election that he refuses to accept he lost.  But losing at life comes in so many different shapes and sizes.

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