Browns vs Ravens 2020: Early Loss, Revenge Game and More

The start of Browns vs Ravens 2020

The Browns vs Ravens 2020 schedule did not go so well for Cleveland. The Cleveland Browns look to prove themselves again on Monday Night Football as the Ravens come to Cleveland as the favorites. Yes, you read that right. The 7-5 Ravens travel to Cleveland’s house with the Browns playing the best football they have all year.

The Cleveland Browns are the least respected 9-3 team in the NFL. A win in Tennessee helped to move them up the ladder a bit, but questions still abound. Could a win over Baltimore push the needle even farther towards some credit for the Browns?

Browns look to prove themselves again

While most fans outside of Cleveland may say the Ravens are only 1.5-point favorites, so they are practically even, it isn’t good enough. Obviously, some of this has to do with what the Ravens did to them in week one this season. That was a long time ago, however, and another team ago.

Just like 2019, when the Browns took down the Ravens 40-25 in week four then lost to the Ravens 31-15 in the second to last game of the year, the team has grown. The Ravens looked like a team still figuring things out in week four. Week 16, they looked like the easy Superbowl favorites. Changes happen over a 16 game season and teams do not forget losses like that. Expect Cleveland to come out juiced up on Monday Night and on the hunt for revenge.

The Browns of 2020 started the year with no preseason, a new head coach, and a quarterback still trying to regain his confidence while learning another new system. Having to face a Ravens team that is clicking on all cylinders in your first game of the season is a recipe for disaster. The Browns stayed the course, however, and showed why some picked them to be a playoff team before the season started. They may not be juggernauts supposedly on the way to the Superbowl, but they are a significantly better team than what the Ravens saw in week one. With the key improvement coming at the most important position in football.

Baker Mayfield

To get straight to the point, Baker Mayfield was awful in week one against the Ravens. He stared down receivers and made horrible decisions with the ball. He was off and running at any sign of pressure. Essentially he was still 2019 Mayfield. Mayfield continued to struggle with consistency until week seven against the Bengals. Since then, Mayfield has been about as good as you can ask for when not throwing in ridiculous weather conditions. All of these good performances culminating in the best game of his career against Tennessee.

Weeks 1-6Weeks 7-12
Completion Percentage.605.649
Yards per game182.5224.5
QB Rating84.31112.67

Mayfield looks like a quarterback who has found his confidence again. He is comfortable in head coach Kevin Stefanski’s offense and seems to be enjoying the game again. The Browns will need this current Mayfield to show up Monday night if they are to make a statement to all they are a team to reckon with in the AFC. The first step to respect came against the Titans. The Browns can solidify that step with a strong performance against what most still believe is a much better team than their record shows.

What better stage for America’s Team (thanks Jim Rome) to show everyone they have what it takes to compete with any team in the NFL than Monday Night Football.

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