Yankees-Pirates Trade Talks Cause Intrigue

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On Wednesday afternoon Pittsburgh Pirates beat writer Jason Mackey tweeted that he has multiple sources saying there were Yankees-Pirates trade talks surrounding some intriguing names.

This offseason the Yankees have not been doing too much but having the main concern of trying to retain D.J. Lemahieu. This trade rumor is not real stable at the moment but if it gets there it will be a real intriguing trade. Let’s see how receiving Jameson Taillon and Josh Bell would affect the Yankees organization.

Yankees-Pirates Trade Talks : Yankees Receiving Josh Bell

Josh Bell would be a decent pickup in a trade for a first baseman. At the same time, he isn’t the best pickup. We can call this a middle of the road pickup.

When you go down the New York Yankees lineup, you immediately see that the line up is filled with right-handed batters. Josh Bell would give a bit more balance to the lineup due to being a switch hitter.

Other than the fact he is a switch hitter, there is some calculated risk. There is no telling which Josh Bell will show up.

He has had average offensive stats though his career till the 2019 season. This was his MVP caliber type season. He had 37 home runs and drove in 115 runs. His batting average was .277 and OPS was .936. He also only struck out 19.2% of the time.

In 2020, it was a completely different story. In a 60 game season he only hit eight home runs and had a batting average of .226. The big statistic to look at is strikeouts. He struck out 27% of the time. The last thing the Yankees need to do is get a another player that strikes out a lot. The 2020 season is harder to look at though since it was a 60 game season.

Yankees-Pirates Trade Talks: Yankees Receiving Jameson Taillon

The intriguing part of these Yankees-Pirates trade talks is pitcher Jameson Taillon. The concern is he hasn’t pitched in over a year due to Tommy John surgery in August of 2019.

After Taillon completes rehab and gets back to his true self, the Yankees will have a very solid pitcher on their hands. He is only 29 years old and is a former second round pick in 2010. For his career he went 29-24, pitched 466 innings, and with a 3.67 ERA. His most notable season came in 2018 when he went 14-10, with a 3.23 ERA, and started 32 games.

Jameson Taillon is under team control through the 2022 season. This guarantees the Yankees can get two years of him. The Yankees would also like another starting pitcher with team control. The likes of Tanaka would look good but the hopes of bringing him back is slim.

Closing Thought on Yankees-Pirates Trade Talks

A trade like this could prove very beneficial for the New York Yankees. Unfortunately the only thing that matters to the Yankees is getting D.J. Lemahieu signed. After that is done they could venture further into these trade talks. At least this would be doing something.

This would be intriguing as long as they trade the right personnel for these two players. There has been the rumor of the Yankees trading first baseman Luke Voit. This would make an immediate reason to have Josh Bell as he is a first baseman, although Luke Voit could be saved for a better trade such as one for Fransciso Lindor.

Nonetheless these Yankees-Pirates trade talks could be intriguing in the next week or two. The main priority is D.J. Lemahieu. The Luke Voit to the Pirates for Josh Bell and Jameson Taillon trade talks could have a good financial ring to it.

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