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Can Dana White Persuade Khabib Nurmagomedov to Return? Everything you Need to Know!

Undefeated UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov shocked the world when he retired at UFC 254; after defeating Justin Gaethje via Triangle Choke. Everybody thought he was going to chase that elusive, and flawlessly beautiful 30-0 record. In fact, seemingly millions of fans seem to be holding on to a small shred of hope that the undefeated champ will grace the octagon for a final time. Dana White, the UFC president himself; is sharing those same hopes.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Dana White was asked: “What is the truth? What do you think is going on with Khabib? Will we ever get to see him fight in the UFC again?”

In response, Dana said something that could inspire even more hope in a possible return: “So, the truth is he (Khabib) isn’t committed to anything. What he has committed to, is meeting with me next month. He and I are gonna sit down, we’re gonna meet next month, and we’re gonna find out how persuasive I can be.”

What followed is best described almost as a giddy chuckle from the reporter, and a glimmering smirk from Dana. Leaving things clear, Dana White intends to be very persuasive. He ended the interview with this sentiment: “I’ll bet on me every time!”

So, fight fans rejoice! Hopefully, Dana can convince Khabib to go for that even 30, and fight fans everywhere can be blessed with witnessing the greatness of “The Eagle” one last time. Anyways, that’s all for today folks! Let me know what you want Khabib to do, or what you think is right? Should he keep the “Promise” he made to his mother? Or go for that last win, to realize his father’s dream of a flawless 30-0 record for his son.

Dana White’s Interview with TMZ Sports

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