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Top 5 Fantasy Football Rookies to Watch

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Fantasy sports has become one of the famous and trending sporting activities online for sports fans. It is a prediction game that takes place online where you are given a chance to manage your team in a particular sport.

The points you earn are based on real-life statistics, which is why you need to choose the right players to include in your draft. It’s absolutely important that you consider your pick carefully to avoid major loss.

If you’re planning to draft your first fantasy football team, here are the top five fantasy football rookies you should consider.

Top Fantasy Football Rookies

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, a running back from Kansas City Chiefs, is one of the rookie players you should be eyeing. He played his college football days at LSU and made a name in professional football as a new weapon for his teammate Patrick Mahomes for the offensive side.

Clyde scored two touchdowns in the Week 11 match versus the Raiders. With his performances in this season of the NFL, Clyde is a rising star of American Football, which all of the teams and fans should look out for.

Jonathan Taylor

Another running back you should consider in your draft is Jonathan Taylor from the Indianapolis Colts. The rookie performed very well in his game last Sunday, rushing 22 times for 90 yards on Week 11. His performance last week is expected to recur on the twelfth week of this season.

He was allowed to lead the team and was presented first in every game. However, Frank Reich, the Colts manager, expressed his thoughts for fantasy players and owners that although Taylor performed great, the management will still consider their rookies as a newbie and will still rotate them throughout the season.

Cam Akers

Cam Akers, a running back from Los Angeles Rams, scored a four-yard touchdown win over the Bucs in Week 11. Although the Rams have not seen all of Akers’s ability, he already performed well in these past games this season.

Despite suffering from a rib injury that keeps him out of the game for weeks, Akers recovered well and performed his best. It is also expected that his performance will be stronger in the upcoming weeks.

D’Andre Swift

From the Detroit Lions, D’Andre Swift is another name you should focus on. He just returned to practice this week after laying low for a few weeks due to a concussion. He is expected to be fully functional and play against the Texans this week.

Swift’s name has been the town’s talk since the drafting season as he is one of the players who have the biggest potential in football. With Kenny Golladay sitting out this week’s game due to a hip injury, the team has high hopes for Swift to help the team win the game.

J.K. Dobbins

This is not a good week for the Ravens after their team has multiple COVID-19 positives, including J.K. Dobbins. But despite being a COVID-19 positive, Dobbins has an ability that his team should not disregard.

Dobbins is a player one must keep. He should be added to any league where he is still available, with his past performance generating 17 touches against the Titans. He is the Ravens’ most effective runner aside from their quarterback, Lamar Jackson.

Strategy In Drafting For Fantasy Football

You should learn how to play fantasy football properly by studying how it works and knowing whom to include in your draft. It would be hard to predict the outcome, but with practice and constantly following the news and updates about the NFL, you will eventually get the hang of it.

As you can notice, this list is full of running backs, as it is best to load up on RBs when you start to draft your team. However, before you list all the players you will choose in your draft, learn each player’s ADP throughout the draft.

Another thing to learn is the league rules. Additionally, you have to stabilize your roster by adding consistent and safe players on top of the upside players. Make sure that you have enough depth in your team to ensure success.

Being picky in choosing your players is a good practice in fantasy sports. They have this system called the “CUDDY” system that stands for Consistency, Upside, Durability, Depth, and Youth. Ensuring your team players have at least three out of the five can create a strong team that can dominate fantasy football.

Lastly, it is important to always have a backup plan. Always remind yourself that you are not the only team manager who wants to draft this player, which is why you need a backup player to draft in case other players on your list have been drafted already by other people.


You must include the best players in your fantasy football draft, as their performance in real life will affect your team’s output. Remember to observe real-life football events and performances to have a successful run in the fantasy football realm.

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