Eight New Names for Cleveland Baseball Team

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After 105 years, the Cleveland baseball team will be dropping the Indians’ nickname. With some not keen on the change and others ready to embrace the change. Although they likely will remain the Cleveland Indians for the 2021 season, come 2022, they will be adopting a new name and potentially a new look. Let us dive into some potential team names for the Cleveland baseball team.

Cleveland Baseball Team

Starting things off with a page straight out of the NFL’s playbook. Like the Washington Football Team, formerly the Washington Redskins. Now basic could be better in this case, the Cleveland Baseball Team could be a steppingstone while ownership waits on the perfect name, much like in Washington’s case.

Cleveland Buckeyes

Now, the Buckeyes is already the name of Ohio State’s collegiate teams. The same school that tried to trademark the word “the”, making for a tough name to adopt. Though back when the Negro League was around, there was in fact a team named the Cleveland Buckeyes. After shying away from what was regarded as a controversial name, why not pay homage to the Negro Leagues.

Cleveland Shredders

We have heard names centered around the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thrown around. With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame located in Cleveland, it just makes sense, right? Why go with something basic, such as the Rockers, when the best part of a rock concert is when the guitarist shreds that long solo. There you have it instead of the Rockers, you get the Shredders and get the guitar logo Cleveland seems to love to use. Plus, maybe they could get Slash (Guns & Roses) as their mascot.

Cleveland Mohawks

Picture it, a baseball with a gnarly mohawk, a pair of sunglasses, and even an earring as the logo. Yes, Major League, the iconic baseball movie based around the Cleveland baseball team, a movie that kept them relevant when they were not. If the Cleveland Mohawks is a no go, why not the Cleveland Wild Things?

Cleveland Crows

Baseball loves birds, right? We have the Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Orioles. Now is the time for Cleveland to hop on the birds’ train. Crows are extremely smart and loyal to one and another, both of those factors could be used as a selling point to build a winning culture. Also, baseball needs more birds.

Cleveland Kings

Yes, we are talking baseball, but Ohio’s own brought a Championship to Cleveland. Aside from the fact that a king is one of the highest honors someone can be given, this name also honors basketball legend, Lebron James, of Akron, Ohio. After his second departure, there may be some sour feelings between the City of Cleveland and Lebron but the Cleveland Kings could be a dark horse for the new Cleveland baseball team name.

Cleveland 31s

Now flash all the way back to 2016, where Cleveland was up three games to one against the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. Then the Cubs inevitably came back and ended their 108-year World Series drought. Queue the Cleveland 31s, this name would always sit in the back of Cleveland’s players’ head knowing that the 2016 team came so close to a title. Hopefully, a name like the 31s would light a fire under future players to not lose like that again.

Cleveland Spiders

The seeming fan-favorite among names, the Cleveland Spiders. The Spiders name would pay homage to the Cleveland baseball team of the late 1800s. Although with the Spiders’ name comes a not-so-great past. The Spiders are the proud owners of the worst record of all-time, finishing the 1899 season with a 20-134 record, if that were a 162 season their record would be 21-141. Therefore bringing the Spiders name into play comes with the burden of loss.

Bonus: Cleveland Clovers

Courtesy of my wife, someone who does not follow baseball or sports in general, and a preschool teacher at that. Let me introduce the Cleveland Clovers. This name has no significance to anything, it just simply rolls off the tongue. Maybe, think about that… the Cleveland Clovers.

What Will Be the Name?

The organization will likely keep tight-lipped for the next little while, but most fans hope it will be something more unique than “the Cleveland Baseball Team”. Time will tell. Although from a personal standpoint the Shredders, Mohawks, and 31s should be heavily considered for the new name of the Cleveland baseball team.

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