Scott Boras Speaks, People Listen

When Scott Boras speaks, it's always interesting.
When Scott Boras speaks, it's always interesting.

When Scott Boras speaks, people generally listen. There is a very good reason for that. Scott Boras is the most well-known sports agent in the world. Certainly, he is the most prominent agent in baseball. The current baseball offseason is no exception, as he is more than willing to add his voice to all of the others in the baseball world. In fact, he volunteers his wisdom without being asked. You could say that Boras is always willing to say something.

Scott Boras Speaks: Kris Bryant

Boras’ most recent pearl of wisdom came just yesterday when he added his thoughts about one of his top clients, Cubs’ third baseman, Kris Bryant. In speaking of Bryant, Boras said that, among other things, it would be unfair to judge his client based on a 60 game season. He also was somewhat ambiguous in his assessment of Bryant’s future with the Cubs. This is typical agent speak, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Still, when Scott Boras Speaks, people listen.

Boras may be well-known for his aggressive defense of his clients, as well as his dogged work on their behalf. Still, Bryant is no slouch, as his career numbers will prove. Bryant was NL Rookie of The Year in 2015, and MVP in 2016. He has been a favorite of many fans since his rookie year. He also was the subject of controversy when the Cubs infamously sent him to Triple-A after a robust spring training. That cost Bryant a year of service time, and that has stuck in Boras’ craw ever since 2015.

Scott Boras Speaks: A Rich History

While Kris Bryant is the brightest star on Boras’ radar at the moment, he has had many top-tier clients in MLB. They include Greg Maddux, Alex Rodriguez, Max Scherzer, Bryce Harper, Gerrit Cole, and Jose Altuve. So, he does have plenty of “street-cred” with owners as well as players. Players seek him out because they know he will do whatever it takes to get them the best deal possible. Owners have to respect him, as much as they would rather not deal with him. So, Boras will always have a seat at the table when it comes to baseball negotiations; and, when Scott Boras speaks, people listen.

Boras has never been shy about involving himself in anything baseball-related. He was accused of using negotiations to begin the 2020 season between MLB and the players’ association for his own benefit. Yankees’ president Randy Levine was quoted as saying, “I’m really disappointed because I’m hearing from everywhere-on both sides of this matter-that he is trying to impede this thing.” Boras certainly does not shy away from controversy. He also claims that MLB teams did not lose money in the 2020 season. Additionally, he recently suggested that MLB needs to “hire a chief executive officer to grow the game and allow commissioner Rob Manfred to concentrate on governing it.” This appears to be a veiled jab at Manfred.

Scott Boras an the state of the game

Scott Boras Speaks: But Wait, There’s More

Boras can also be witty at those times when he is not ripping owners. He compared Jackie Bradley Jr. to peanut butter, saying, “He’s sweet, smooth, and spreads it all over.” He also said about himself, “If you are really effective at what you do, 95% of the things said about you will be negative.” Another classic reference is this gem: “People call me all the time and say, ‘Man, your players aren’t signed yet. ‘ Well, it doesn’t matter what time dinner is when you’re the steak.” The man is never at a loss for words.

Scott Boras Speaks: The Final Word

Actually, when it comes to Scott Boras, there is no such thing as a final word. He no-doubt will always have a witty comeback. He is the final word. Sometimes, it is even entertaining and worth hearing, however, there is one thing that we can know for sure: Love him or hate him, when Scott Boras speaks, people listen.

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