The Perfect Willson Contreras Trade 2.0

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Since most Cubs fans did not like the idea of the perfect Willson Contreras trade involving Nolan Arenado, we are going to try this again. In the perfect Willson Contreras trade 2.0, we are going to take a different route. Opposed to trying to contend right away, the Cubs are going to focus on replenishing their depleted farm system.

Due to the Cubs’ recent “success”, Chicago had to part ways with many top prospects, thus, resulting in one World Series championship, four years ago. If the Cubs could go back, they likely would not have made the trade for Jose Quintana, which cost the Cubs top prospect Eloy Jimenez. Unfortunately, they cannot, so they need to explore a Willson Contreras trade in order to build the farm back up and compete once again.

Willson Contreras Trade Partner

This time around the trade will not be with the Colorado Rockies, instead, the trade takes place with a true contender. The Cubs need prospects in for a Willson Contreras trade to truly work out for them. Luckily for the Cubs, the San Diego Padres have many great prospects and are a couple of pieces shy of winning their first World Series. One piece the Padres seem desperate for is a catcher. With the Padres needing a catcher and having one of the best farm systems in baseball, a Willson Contreras trade seems like destiny.

Who is Untouchable?

This close to a title, the Padres will not have many untouchables outside their big-league squad. Although there is one prospect who most definitely will not be on the table for Willson Contreras trade talks. That player being top prospect Mackenzie Gore. As much as the Cubs and their fanbase would love to add Gore to the Cubs farm system, Contreras alone will not get that done, and quite honestly if it could the Cubs need more than one prospect to make a Willson Contreras trade worth their while.

On the Table

Outside of Gore and the Padres major league roster, most prospects will likely be in play. At this point, the Cubs should be looking for quality over quantity, but a large prospect haul would be great for the organization. Starting with a Contreras move the Cubs could be in line for a short rebuild, opposed to a painful retool. Think of prospects such as C.J. Abrams, Robert Hassell, Cole Wilcox, Hudson Head, and others. If that is the case a Wilson Contreras trade could look brilliant soon.

The Willson Contreras Trade

Starting off, if the Padres acquire catcher Willson Contreras, unlike the first trade the Cubs will include no other pieces. The Padres get their All-Star gold glove catcher to hopefully propel them to a championship.

On to the exciting part. What do the Cubs get from San Diego? The major piece coming back is one of the Padres’ top prospect, shortstop C.J. Abrams. Acquiring Abrams sets the Cubs up for a less agonizing departure of Javier Baez, now before Cubs fans come at my throat for the Cubs to get back to contending a full rebuild may be needed and Baez could fetch the most of any current Cub on the trade market.

Abrams would not be the only piece coming to the north side, Abrams is simply the key piece. The next prospect, packing their bag is catcher Luis Campusano. Campusano the Padres 2017 second-round pick would have little use for the Padres after the Willson Contreras trade, making him either the future catcher of the Cubs or a trade chip down the road.

The final two prospects rounding out this deal would be two pitchers. First left-handed pitcher Omar Cruz 21-year-old pitcher out of Mexico, who started 12 games in the A divisions in 2019 posting a 2.73 ERA. The second and final prospect being right-handed pitcher Pedro Avila. Avila appeared in seven minor league games in 2019, posting a 5.25 ERA in 24 innings pitched.

Willson Contreras Trade Recap

This time around the Cubs will send Willson Contreras to San Diego in return for four prospects, CJ Abrams, Luis Campusano, Omar Cruz, and Pedro Avila. The Cubs are only receiving one player they could potentially throw into their big-league lineup tomorrow, that would be Contreras’ replacement Campusano. They are also getting the jump start on rebuilding their farm while receiving a Baez replacement if they choose to ship him off next.

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