The Best NFL Coaches of 2020

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Being an NFL coach is a big responsibility. A real big responsibility. You’ve got to organize the team practices. You’ve got to devise and direct the strategies and guide the team. You’ve got to make split-second decisions during the game. It’s a high-profile job, and there’s potential for glory and shame, depending on how your team fare out on the grid. This post looks at some of the best NFL coaches in 2020 and whether their team go all the way to the Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick could lose every single game for the rest of his days in charge and still find his way onto a list like this. Belichick is quite possibly the greatest coach in NFL history, having led the Patriots to Super Bowl victory three times out of five of their championship game appearances with him. He would obviously be a contender for one of the best NFL coaches this year.

The Patriots haven’t looked quite as strong this season, but they still show good offensive play. The loss of Tom Brady has come as a blow to the team, although under Belichick’s leadership, they do seem able to bounce back.

Will the Patriots win the Super Bowl? Sportsbooks are pricing them as a long shot, with the Super Bowl betting odds at more than +1000 for a Patriots Super Bowl win.

Andy Reid

The Chiefs coach silenced the critics when he steered the team to victory over the 49ers at Super Bowl LIV. Going into the 2020 season, some suggested boldly that he may even topple the mighty Bill Belichick as the no 1 coach in the NFL. Reid has a play-off record of above .500 and a career winning percentage of .618. Put it this way, any team would feel quite hopeful with Reid guiding the way.

Can the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl? In a nutshell: most definitely. The defending champions are smoking hot favorites to win the championship. They’ve attracted odds of +275 to +450. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a real driving force within the team, but even when he’s having an off day, the team finds a way to perform without him. Basically, the team looks strong and Andy Reid is one of the best NFL coaches this year.

Pete Carroll

The Seattle Seahawks coach is another who can’t really be missing from such a discussion about the best NFL coaches. Carroll has never been afraid to make a brave decision and always puts his team first. The Seahawks have remained competitive throughout, despite the draft strategy being slightly inconsistent in results. He’s had to rebuild the defense and has managed to win a Super Bowl with the Seahawks.

Do the Seahawks have what it takes to go all the way to the Super Bowl this season? Oddsmakers aren’t so hopeful, placing them at around +1200. Quarterback Russell Wilson may be an excellent acquisition for the team, but their defensive play still needs some work to make them more serious contenders.

Sean Payton

Sean Payton, the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, is highly experienced and knows his onions when it comes to offensive play and driving the team forward. He works well together with quarterback Drew Brees, and it’s Payton’s consistency at such a high level that makes him such a fine coach and a candidate for one of the best NFL coaches.

That being said the Saints have only won the Super Bowl once with Payton. Despite an excellent 2019 season, the team missed out on the playoffs narrowly. However, the Saints have the ability to surprise, as they did with a huge 38-3 win over Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in week 9.

Oddsmakers place the Saints at +1000 to win the Super Bowl.

Kyle Shanahan

The 49ers let down their coach by failing to lift the Lombardi trophy at Super Bowl LIV. Kyle Shanahan has done a magnificent job, transforming the 49ers from mere potential contenders into a team that look and play as if they were champions over the span of three seasons. One of his main skills is to develop the players he has, bringing out the best in both the offensive and defensive players, and exploit holes in the defense of the other teams.

Oddsmakers place the 49ers at +1000 for winning the next Super Bowl. Injury has hit the team hard and really disrupted its performance in the NFL. Some oddsmakers also have doubts around general team performance under Shanahan in the Super Bowl itself. In Super Bowl LI, the Falcons, who had Shanahan as their offensive coach, blew a 28-3 lead against the Patriots.

Doug Pederson

Doug Pederson, the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, is another leader who’s not afraid to ruffle with the fans’ feathers with his decisions, but who can show their team the way fabulously. In only his second season with the team, he led the Eagles to Super Bowl glory.

2020 has been a far cry from then, however, with reports that Pederson will step down at the end of the season, which he has denied, after a difficult season.

Will the world see the Eagles lift the Lombardi Trophy at the next Super Bowl? Not likely, according to oddsmakers, with odds of +2500 on the team winning.

Undoubtedly, this has been a tough season for players and coaches. Every season is tough in the NFL, and the road to the Super Bowl will be especially interesting. Coaches have a tough job on their hands, but some seem to be navigating the waters just fine, applying their knowledge and expertise to keep their team performing well.

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